CrossReads Short Takes: Marks on the Wall & See How They Hide 6/12/2024

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CrossReads Short Takes

Marks on the Wall

No Rules, No Rituals

by Lynne Modranski

Marks on the Wall

Christianity Would Be Perfect if We Could Get Rid of the Religion

Even the strongest Christians get tired of the rules and rituals. They make life tedious and tiresome. But many of those same Christ followers have a strong desire to follow the Bible. How do you reconcile the two?

Author Lynne Modranski struggled with the two sides of the Christian faith for years. She knew she wanted a relationship with Jesus, but the previous generation pressed her to keep up with the regulations. After years of studying scripture and watching those who demonstrated peace in their lives, she started to wonder, “What if all the commandments and statutes are merely signs of growth in the faith?”

In Marks on the Wall, Lynne shares how the most joyful have turned the dos and don’ts of sanctimony into

  • signposts of growth
  • pathways to freedom
  • expressions of love

Understanding the truth of the Bible’s mandates can give us deep happiness and serenity beyond measure. Discover how to start making your own Marks on the Wall starting today.

Includes a Seven Session Discussion Guide – Perfect for small groups or personal refelction







See How They Hide

(Ellery & York)

by Clare Revell

See How They Hide

As the town reels from a bombing, the death toll rises. The search begins for those responsible. Every officer involved in the pursuit is either injured or negatively affected. DS Zander Ellery must assume command of the cross-county task force and lead the hunt.

Seriously injured, DC Isabel York, must fight for her place on the squad rather than the hospital bed she should actually occupy. Both she and Zander are coping with personal losses, which makes it difficult to stay detached and professional.

Time is running out as everything comes tumbling down around them. Can they catch those responsible, before it’ s too late?



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