CrossReads Short Takes: Making Up Time & Faithful in Love 5/29/2024

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CrossReads Short Takes

Making Up Time

(Crossroads of America)

by Valerie Banfield

Making Up Time

May 1920. When best friends Emmett Sterling and Archie Jackson set their sights on the same female, the outcome is as prickly and contentious as the action taking place on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway bricks. In race-speak, one beau finds himself an Also-Ran, a Did Not Finish participant who sputters to a standstill while his opponent races toward the checkered flag.

One contender’s rigid personality might leave him susceptible to disaster, but his rival uncovers some faulty steering that could prevent him from carrying his bride across the finish line. Add another dame to the mix while the leader limps around the track, and spark plugs fly.

As Emmett and Archie aim for the prize, their contest becomes as perilous and costly as the risks taken by the racetrack daredevils who chase their dreams.

Crossroads of America selections are stand-alone novels, each with unique characters and story lines.






Faithful in Love

(Cliff Walk Cousins Book 1)

Faithful in Love

When a handsome stranger brings unexpected romance to her charmed life, will a sheltered Christian heiress fight the odds for a chance at true love?

Blessed from the moment of her birth, Faith Davenport is adored by everyone and has led a life guided by her charitable, Christian parents. At ease with her family’s expectations and her own strength of belief, she finds joy in exploring the creative aspects of her Uncle Will’s architecture business as his assistant.

Nico d’Amici is thrilled with the opportunity to apprentice to Will Travers, well-known for his practical and unique architectural designs, but discovers a deeper emotion when a friendship with Travers’s kind, beautiful, and intelligent niece intensifies. Faith’s best friend, her cousin Thomas, intervenes, but his efforts to keep them apart are nothing compared to accusations of theft that threaten not only the friendship between the three of them but Nico’s very freedom.

Faith’s charmed life is complicated by her romantic feelings for her uncle’s apprentice, but will her family’s interference and criminal accusations keep her and Nico apart, perhaps forever?

Faithful in Love is the uplifting first book in the Cliff Walk Cousins Christian historical romance series. If you like devoted families, meaningful relationships, and emotional love stories, you’ll love Cecily K. Wolfe’s hopeful romance.



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