CrossReads Short Takes: Lillie & The Haberdasher’s Wife 8/9/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes


(The Switchboard Sisterhood, Book 16)

by Lisa Prysock


Lillie can hardly believe she will finally meet her sister Edith after years of being separated. Disillusioned with small town life in 1920s Wisconsin where her choices and circumstances have led to little more than daydreams and working as a dressmaker, she jumps at the chance to join Edith as a switchboard operator in Anchorage, Alaska. Lillie figures she can get to know her sister and save some of her earnings to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. She’ll stay long enough to enjoy Edith’s wedding and then head south to Beverly Hills, California to audition for the brand-new moving pictures company, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc.

However, after settling in at the boardinghouse, she doesn’t expect to find herself so pleased with the beautiful, rugged Alaskan Territory, and most of all, so enamored and torn between two equally handsome gentlemen who strike her as having entirely opposite character traits. For once in her life, will she make a healthy choice and find true love and fulfillment on the other end of her decision? Easily read as a stand-alone or enjoyed with the whole series, get your copy of this sweet, clean, inspirational, and Christian historical romance novella today!





The Haberdasher’s Wife

(Daughters of the Rhine Book 1)

by Scott R. Rezer

The Haberdasher's Wife

1800—Überlingen, German States, Imperial Free City of the Holy Roman Empire. Change is on the wind. A new century has begun and war with Napoleon Bonaparte continues to spread like wildfire, while the Enlightenment quietly breaks down traditional barriers of class, education, and the arts, in the last holdouts of Absolutism in the old German States. For Josefa von Bandel, a nobleman’s daughter, her life on the quiet shores of the Bodensee is caught up in the dramatic changes sweeping across Europe—and in her own troubled life. She is young and beautiful and willfully stubborn. She risked her reputation for a scandalous affair—but will she sacrifice everything else for love?


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