CrossReads Short Takes: Into the Heavens & Full Circle to Love

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CrossReads Short Takes

Into the Heavens

by V.A. Rivers

Into the Heavens

“Into the unknown of a whole new world.”

Allan, a young boy, and Pheran, a ghost-like spirit
must travel within the many worlds of Heaven, the
treacherous realms of Purgatory and the dark castles
of the Fiery Flames. Their quest is to acquire
‘The Heart of Heaven’
for Allan to return home to the human
They will encounter a varied amount of
dangerous ‘beings’ while in their adventure.
They must overcome every test and obstacle they will
face within their journey.
The young boy will know imminent dangers and
must prevail through it all to return home
within the loving arms of his mother and father.

…into the depths of a place that is both an extreme wonder and awe.

Will Alan, a young boy make it out of a perilous journey from the many worlds of Heaven, Purgatory, and the Fiery Flames?





Full Circle to Love

Historical Scottish Romance

(Wildflower Series Book 3)

by Peggy McGee

Full Circle to Love

Elise Gustan, whose father owned a shipbuilding business, always believed she would marry her beloved sea captain, Aron Seagle. However, her father desperately wanted his beautiful daughter settled as he lay dying, upon learning Aron was lost at sea. Handsome Laird Randall MacAdam, known as a rogue, offered to purchase the business and hand-fast his stunning daughter. Suddenly finding herself confined to the MacAdam Keep for the purpose of providing Laird Rand with a desired progeny, she sought to escape upon learning of Laird Rand’s proclivities for the lasses. As the twelve-month hand-fast came to a conclusion, she was able to flee through a tinker she met at a local fair. Upon her arrival back in Edinburgh, she discovered Aron was alive, who helped her to abscond from the laird in pursuit on his ship to America. During the voyage they were married, shortly thereafter discovering that she was with child. Bearing twins back in London, she was devastated to discover while the lass resembled her, the lad had the coloring of the laird, explaining away that he took after her Irish kin. Many years later back in Scotland following Aron’s demise at sea, her son becomes fortuitously reacquainted with the laird as the paternity question once again arises, causing all kinds of dire consequences. Should Elise flee to protect her children or prepare to deny paternity as the laird, once again, pursues her and the children. This historically Scottish romance and adventure (era 1820s) will keep you riveted from beginning to end as Elise attempts to unravel her roots while protecting herself and her children from the societal expectations and demands of the time.


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