CrossReads Short Takes: In Alexa’s Shoes & Whatever Happened to Evangelism

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CrossReads Short Takes

In Alexa’s Shoes

by Rochelle Alexandra

In Alexa's Shoes

In Alexa’s Shoes – a dramatic, uplifting true story of a young girls struggle to overcome great odds to survive through WWII.

In the autumn of 1940, thirteen-year-old Alexa’s happy life is ripped from her as she, her mother, and many of the locals are rounded up by the Nazis in Poland. Loaded onto cattle trucks, they are transported to an unknown destination. Terror and uncertainty become the new normal. Life is a continuous nightmare as she is selected by a Gestapo officer’s wife, destined to become little more than their slave.

Separated from everyone she loves Alexa relies on her Christian faith, inner strength and courage, to endure through her long nightmare. Her story takes her on a treacherous journey across war-ravaged Europe in search of her family and the life she once knew. Despite living through unimaginable hardships and life-threatening danger, Alexa feels that someone, or something, seems to be looking out for her. Years later, she finds out that not all was as it seemed, as hidden secrets from this dark period in history are revealed to her.

In Alexa’s Shoes is a historical novel that beckons the reader to follow in the footsteps of a real-life individual who walks by faith to triumph over tragedy, one step at a time. It is based on the true story of the author’s grandmother.




Whatever Happened to Evangelism

A Call For a Return to Biblical Evangelism!

by Danny Pelfrey

Whatever Happened to Evangelism

n 2017 the Barna group released results of a poll from churchgoers in which the question was, “Have you heard of the great commission?” Fifty-one percent answered “no.” Six percent admitted, “I’m not sure.” Twenty-five percent responded, “Yes, but I can’t recall the exact meaning.” Only 17% of churchgoers questioned answered “yes,” and were able to give a reasonable explanation of its meaning. Those results speak volumes about the current status of the church and individual disciples in regard to our Biblical mission. The time has come for a book that will issue a strong call for a return to Biblical evangelism. Phoenix attorney, Joe La Rue described WHATEVER HAPPENED TO EVANGELISM? as “a timely, thought-provoking study of what evangelism is, why it matters, who should do it, and how to accomplish it.” After reading the manuscript, Ben Merold, the man God used to build two mega-churches, said, “The book is great-best thing I have read in years.” Jerry Vines, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, wrote, “Brother Pelfrey has given us a passionate and persuasive volume on why and how to do evangelism.” Maybe, the right book at the right time.


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