CrossReads Short Takes: For the Love of Pumpkins & Moonlight and Mystery 10/25/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

For the Love of Pumpkins

Small Town Holiday Romances

by Joi Copeland

With everything on the line, Jewel Johansen takes on a secret identity, only to discover she may have more to lose than her career.

Jewel Johansen’s always found writing to be a source of enjoyment. At the top of Christian Contemporary Romance, she’s penned over fifty books in her short career. When she hits a slump, she decides to return to the one town that inspires her the most, Winter Springs. Taking on a secret identity seems like the only way she can truly be herself. Until she works closely with the one man who threatens to steal her heart and ruin her career at the same time.
Mayson Ingram’s been unlucky in love and in business. After a near-robbery months before, he’s left to pick up the pieces and ensure the safety of his employees and customers. Now he fears he may lose his coffee shop, his bookstore, or both. When he hires a new barista after two quit, sparks fly between them. He doesn’t know if he can put his heart on the line once more just to have it shattered again. Besides, what would it matter if he can’t even provide for a wife?

Mayson and Jewel join the cast of characters in Winter Springs. Find out if they can each overcome their fears of the future in For the Love of Pumpkins.

The fourth installment of the Winter Springs Small-Town Saga, For the Love of Pumpkins is a story of hidden identity and forced proximity in a small town, and of hope to overcome fears of failure from the past in order to find love.

If you love the Autumn theme, make sure to read the rest of the Small-Town Autumn romance stories.

Come to Winter Springs, Colorado, and meet the lively cast of characters you’re bound to fall in love with!

No Strings Attached Valentine (Valentine’s Day)
The Carrot Patch (Easter)
Red, White, and Ewe (4th of July)
For the Love of Pumpkins (Halloween)
A Harvest of Hope (Thanksgiving)
Santa’s Christmas Kiss (Christmas)
Countdown to Love (New Year’s)





Moonlight and Mystery

(Chester County Couples)

by Karen Malley

Moonlight and Mystery

Beth Tarrington has it all: a gorgeous fiancé , a lucrative career, the latest model car, and a high-priced condo. On top of that, the Tarrington name opens every door in town. So why is she so discontent? When everything falls apart in Beth’ s life, will she finally find the strength to stand on her own two feet?

Is God really willing to stand by her side, even after she’s ignored Him for so long?

When Jason Brooks meets Beth, his head tells him to run in the opposite direction. Beth is a high-society snob engaged to another man, and he’ s not sure where she stands with God.

So why does God keep bringing the two of them together?

Can these two find love, in spite of everything that stands in their way?


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