CrossReads Short Takes: Finding Her Lost Soul & Sparks 6/5/2024

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CrossReads Short Takes

Finding Her Lost Soul

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Finding Her Lost Soul

Gracie discovers the greatest gift of all… LOVE.

It’s the year 1925, and Gracie finds herself burdened with immense responsibilities as the eldest daughter in a large family.

Overwhelmed by the weight she carries, she feels forgotten as an individual and harbors resentment.

However, everything changes when she discovers the transformative power of love.

Anticipating her eighteenth birthday, Gracie plans to escape from her family, seeking solace and freedom.

The young Pastor Ethan, wise and compassionate, recognizes the longing in her heart.

He approaches her empathetically, building a genuine friendship while respecting her confidentiality.

Pastor Ethan’s own past of loneliness and confusion, followed by his encounter with a loving Christian family and the discovery of God’s grace, has equipped him to guide others toward salvation.

Early one morning, Gracie embarks on a journey to Nashville, aspiring to become a country music star.

Along the way, she encounters an older man who opens her eyes to the sacrifices her family has made for her.

Later, she meets a kind woman in a local store who invites her into her home, providing insight into the depths of familial devotion.

Both of these remarkable individuals mysteriously vanish, leading Gracie to realize that they were heavenly angels sent to guide her on her path.

Divinely guided, Gracie is taken on a profound visit to heaven, where she experiences the awe-inspiring glory of God.

This spiritual journey strengthens her faith and brings clarity to her purpose.

However, her newfound spirituality is tested when she becomes the victim of a kidnapping, locked inside a graveyard vault during the dark of night.
Faced with this perilous situation, Gracie fervently calls out to the Lord, hoping to find warmth and deliverance within the cold tomb.

Will she be discovered before it’s too late?

Will this harrowing experience lead her to find solace in Christ and her own lost soul?

The narrative unfolds, capturing the gripping tale of a young woman’s journey of self-discovery, faith, and the redemptive power of love.







A Selection of Short Bible Devotionals for Reflection or Discussion

(The Sparks Series)

by John Avery



Twenty-eight short Bible devotionals selected from books in The Sparks Series.

The pieces provide a taste of topics already published (questions Jesus asked and other people asked Him, and living in the kingdom of God) and of topics to come (guidance, finding our identity, faith, worship, the names of God, what it means to be like Jesus, prayer, and more).

  • Each piece is short enough to be read in a few minutes and they can be used as daily readings for a few weeks.
  • Each one considers at least one Bible verse, and some life application is encouraged.
  • The pieces are designed to stimulate deeper reflection and growth in spiritual maturity, which includes an application to life.

Think of them as sparks that God can use to help your spiritual growth. May they ignite a flame in your brain that fires up your thinking, races to your heart, and jumps from the tips of your fingers, toes, and tongue. Feed the flames so that your thoughts turn to passion and your passion to action. May it be of such an intensity that, everywhere you walk, every life that you touch begins to glow in turn.


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