CrossReads Short Takes: Emergence & Christmas Brides of the West 11/29/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes


How to Experience Beauty and New Life in Dead and Dark Places

by Mistie House

Firstplace winner in ABR’s Book Excellence Award Contest for best in Christian Faith and Living Category/Genre, 2022.

Using Scripture and her own personal testimony of transformation, Mistie offers women tangible tools on how to escape the chains linking you to your past so that you can be free to arise and emerge into the creation you were born to be.

“In her inspiring and profound Christian non-fiction work, Mistie House shares her moving story and leads others to discover their purpose and identity in Christ. Mistie House captures the reader’s heart through her powerful insight and uplifting words. She intersperses her story with practical biblical lessons about finding new hope and freedom regardless of one’s past.

The work paints a lovely tapestry of God’s plan for us; a plan to redeem what has been destroyed, give new life and execute his eternal promise of salvation. From the enthralling classic stories of Snow White and The Secret Garden, the work examines how God’s truth shines through darkness revealing the enemy’s deception.”
-Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

Discover the undying, unconditional love of God—and experience beauty and new life in your story.

“Jesus is greater than our enemy. He can redeem, rebuild, renew, restore, and deliver us from anything the enemy takes from us.” –Emergence, Mistie House

Happy endings aren’t limited to fairytales.





Christmas Brides of the West

by joi Copeland

Christmas Brides of the West

A Christmas Home for Hannah-Briggs Blackwood is stuck between a rock and a hard place. While ranching is in his blood, and he loves it, he has to meet one requirement to take over the BW Ranch: get married and produce at least one grandchild within five years of his mother’s death.

When Hannah Gallagher’s mother dies giving birth to her, her no-good father leaves her with her mother’s parents. They didn’t have much, but they loved each other. . Reluctantly, she agrees, but she does everything she can to make sure the groom-to-be won’t pick her. After all, who would choose a barely educated woman who only knows how to grow vegetables and shoot squirrels for supper? And then her life turns upside down when she receives a letter asking for her hand in marriage. Doubts assail her as she gets ready to leave the only home she’s ever known.

Will Hannah and Briggs discover just how much they need each other? Or will life’s challenges become too much, with the only solution of Hannah returning to her grandfather and Briggs losing the family ranch?

A Christmas Escape for Elizabeth– Elizabeth Baker’s life looks nothing like she hopes. When her mother suddenly dies, Elizabeth grieves her passing as well as evades the inappropriate passes of her stepfather. She has to get away from him and decides to ask her dearest friend, Hannah, for help. Can Lizzie escape her stepfather’s advances before it’s too late? And if she does, can she ever trust another man again?

Mack Douglas sees his best friend, Briggs, and his new wife, Hannah, on a daily basis. While he doesn’t begrudge their happiness, he has no desire of his own to get married. To be shackled down for the rest of his life? No thank you! When Hannah implores his help on behalf of her friend, he can’t say no.
Will Lizzie and Mack be able to find common ground and build a marriage worth fighting for? Or will their marriage end before its even had a chance to begin?

A Christmas Groom for Grace-Grace Johnson grew up in an orphanage. When a fire breaks out and destroys the orphanage, there is no place for her to stay long term. The director suggests Grace become a mail-order-bride. Grace struggles with leaving. The orphan girls have become like sisters to her, and she hates the thought of never seeing them again. What other choice does she have but to say goodbye and move on with her life?

Preacher Pete Tucker’s been lost ever since his young wife, Susannah, died in childbirth three years ago. With taking care of his son as well as the church, he struggles with keeping it together. When Pete’s friends suggest he gets remarried, he balks at the idea, feeling it would be a betrayal to the only woman he’s ever loved. But when his son almost gets run down by a wagon, the least he can do is put an advertisement in the paper, making it clear he’s not looking for a love match. When Grace Johnson arrives in Mountain Springs, Colorado as an answer to his ad, Pete discovers he may be in for more than he bargained for.

Will Grace be able to find the family she’s always longed for? Will Pete allow love to enter his life once more? Or will they have a marriage of convenience?


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