CrossReads Short Takes: Don’t Play Church & My Name is Jealous

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CrossReads Short Takes

Don’t Play Church

New Edition

by Dr. Shon Shree Lewis

Don't Play Church

Have you been trying to heal from church hurt and struggle, with trusting people in the church because of the hypocrisy or betrayal you or someone you know experienced from people in the church? This powerful book will empower you to forgive those who have spiritually wounded you in the church. God will strengthen you to move on with confidence with your purpose in life from him as you learn the importance of never putting your complete trust in people but solely in God. That’s because God is the supernatural power who gives you peace, favor, and prosperity to help you live free from past hurts as you enjoy your life to the fullest in God.





My Name Is Jealous

God Loves You WIth An Everlasting Love

by Sheldon D. Newton

My Name Is Jealous

IMAGINE GOD VISITING YOUR HOUSE AND HOLDING A CONVERSATION WITH YOU THAT CHANGES YOUR LIFE FOREVER! Written in the first person as if God Himself was speaking to you personally, “My Name Is Jealous” shows the believer how to enter into intimacy with the Lord and walk with Him in faith, love and purity of heart, mind and body. You will be transformed as you experience His love for you and His great desire for you to know Him in a marvelous way. Jesus will become much more real to you. Based completely on scriptural principles the reader is taken on a journey of what it truly means to have a relationship with the Lord and walk in His favor and power in ever-increasing ways. Change from within shall occur as you feed upon the riches of His grace and understand more of His great love for you. You will be drawn into His Presence more and more as He reveals His great desire to be close to you every day. Get ready for an adventure with God. Your life will never be the same after reading this powerful devotional. Get your copy today!!!!!


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