CrossReads Short Takes: Destined for Glory & Spurgeons’ Morning and Evening Devotionals

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CrossReads Short Takes

Destined for Glory

by Olufemi Fakeye

Destined for Glory

Man is nothing but an embodiment of glory and honor. He is full of divine endowments and treasures. But the life of many people is far from the description of what they are to be by design. What could be the missing link? What does a man need to know to explore the treasures in him? How can people step out of a life of frustration and confusion into their glorious identity?
Olufemi Fakeye, a preacher and teacher of the word, serving as a youth pastor in Gospel Liberation Church, provides tutelage for the journey from nothing to glory, and from glory to another level of glory in his book titled “Destined for Glory”.
The book will awake you to the reality of your inbuilt treasures and responsibilities in Christ. It will point you to the corridor that leads to purpose and gift discovery, and how you can actualize the divine expectation–transformation from glory to glory.
There is also encouragement for those who are currently facing trials. It also shows the way to come out triumphantly, with experiences and testimonies.





Spurgeons’ Morning and Evening Devotionals

by Russell Sherrard

Spurgeons' Morning and Evening Devotionals

Organized by month, this devotional has a morning and evening meditation for every day of the year. Although these devotions are short in length, they are filled with spiritual goodness. In just a few sentences, Spurgeon is able to convey the wisdom of Scripture with eloquence and purpose. These daily messages provide Christians with the spiritual energy they need to begin and end each day. Spurgeon weaves a verse of Scripture into each devotion, helping readers draw deeper meaning out of the selected passages. This powerful devotional provides Christians with the spiritual nourishment required to strengthen their relationships with God. Readers will find themselves inspired by Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotionals.


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