CrossReads Short Takes: Captive Highland Heartbreak & This Hallowed Ground 11/10/2021

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CrossReads Short Takes

Captive Highland Heartbreak

by Peggy McGee

Captive Highland Heartbreak

“Captive Highland Heartbreak” is a Christian-based historical Regency/Scottish romance novel set in the early 1800s Great Britain. Seventeen-year-old Emmaline Dalton finds her world turned upside down during her London Society debut when her father suddenly dies. She becomes the ward of her unscrupulous Uncle Charles who owns a shipping business based on the continent. Eager to financially benefit from the estate, her uncle hastily makes a business deal with a Scottish ship owner whose laird brother is seeking a wife. Emma is kidnapped and transported to Scotland to become ‘handfast’, once she reaches the age of eighteen. Discovering the situation intolerable, she seeks to locate her late mother’s Scottish family to help with her escape, encountering a Scottish lad at a mission who shares her Christian convictions. Can Emma, through her faith, elude those who seek her generous dowry and find her true love? This is a sweet and clean inspirational novel for all ages to enjoy.





This Hallowed Ground

by Donna E. Lane

This Hallowed Ground

This Hallowed Ground is the story of one man’s journey from unbearable loss to redemption, from soul-shattering doubt to restoration, and from abject despair to hope and love. The story of Job comes to the turbulent times of 1860’s America.

For Aidan (Mac) MacAlister, his beloved land is sacred. He loves working the fields with his Pa, fishing the stream, hunting with friends, playing with his three sisters – until war darkens their horizon and threatens to take it all away. Mac’s Pa believes the right to defend his family’s land is God-given. His Ma teaches, “Thou shalt not kill.” But what is right in God’s eyes?

Aidan follows his Pa into battle, which takes him on a journey through ashes and desolation and mourning. The horrors he witnesses during the war cause Mac to question all he’s ever believed. Blood on his hands and bitterness in his soul, he returns home to find he has lost everything, his land taken by Union occupation forces. His one chance to reclaim his home is to fight for the side that took everything from him.

Sent West, Mac finds himself in a war against the native people who, just like him, are only trying to protect their land. His torturous journey takes him from reluctant war hero to deserter to slave to Lakota warrior – all to keep this hallowed ground.


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