CrossReads Short Takes: Baby Blues & Wake The Town and Tell the People The Wrath of God Is Coming 5/11/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

Baby Blues

Second Edition (Second Chance Book 2)

by Ruthie Madison

Baby Blues

Julie and Eric’s heaven-blessed and happy marriage has been the kind that withstands all things, until faced with the grief and anguish of infertility. Amid their ordeal, they’re informed Eric’s half-brother Drew has escaped from prison and is bent on revenge. While Eric must find a way to protect the person he loves most from the convicted rapist, Julie must trust God knows her desire for a miracle. With God all things are possible. Together they will learn that heavenward pleas do not fall on deaf ears and together even Satan has no power where their faith is strongBook #1 The Past Hunter Two Men: Her Past and Present (Second Edition)Book#2 Baby Blues (Second Edition)Book #3 A Man For Beth (A standalone)





Wake The Town and Tell the People

The Wrath of God Is Coming

by Henry Miranda

Wake The Town

You’re holding in your hand a life-changing book.
The book “Wake the Town and Tell the People the
Wrath of God is coming,” by Henry Perez Miranda, is an immense exposition of the mind of God concerning his second coming. It is so comprehensive that it covers all of the most pertinent issues in Christianity.
Starting off with the person of Devil (Lucifer), the writer makes significant expositions on how pride cost Satan his position as one of the most revered angels in heaven. There’s also a further exclusive explanation of the wrath of God and how we as Christians can avoid the wrath of God that’ll soon be upon the earth.
You’ll be amazed by the in-depth explanation of the power of FREE WILL, where the author explains the true reason why God gave us free will and the consequences of abusing that free will. The author also didn’t fail to significantly highlight the importance of salvation and sanctification and how they are keys to escaping the wrath of God.
The importance of a deep understanding of spiritual warfare and discernment is also extensively discussed,
emphasizing ways they can help us in our Christian journey, coupled with the reality of Heaven and Hell.
With practical and personal instances, coupled with sufficient scriptural references and the insight and experiences of a true evangelist, you will inevitably see and experience God’s message for the church concerning the end time. With practical ways of navigating these trying days as we await the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, this book is a must-read for every Christian that wants to know the real mind of God concerning the end time and his glorious coming. SHALOM!


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