CrossReads Short Takes: Answer to a Prayer & The Dominant Culture 1/19/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

Answer to a Prayer

by A.J. Avila

Answer to a Prayer

What if God suddenly gave you everything you could desire?

Despite her prayers, all her life Prudence Periwinkle has been used and abused by those around her, treated as insignificant as a pawn on a chessboard. But when she is unexpectedly thrust into a position of power, will she use her new-found prestige and influence to forgive those who wronged her . . . or will she enjoy exacting revenge?

“This is a gripping, can’t-put-down story, a modern-day fairy tale that almost everyone can relate to! I rooted for Prudence throughout. This is truly a book worth reading again and again!”~~Amy Bennett, Author of the Black Horse Campground Mystery Series





The Dominant Culture

Living in the Promised Land

by Martin Murphy

The Dominant Culture

The Dominant Culture examines the culture of Israel during the period of the Judges. Everyone is under the influence of a culture. Every culture has cultural elites, the people who have the greatest influence over a particular culture. Philosophers, theologians, educators, politicians, actors, or anyone of celebrity status will influence culture with their worldviews. The time of the Judges in ancient Israel is relevant to our postmodern culture in the United States. Unless Christians understand the historical principals that caused spiritual and cultural devastation for generation after generation, they will repeat history and lose their culture. The timeliness of this book provides the framework for cultural recovery.


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