CrossReads Short Takes: An Agent for Clementine & Overcoming the Seesaw of Wisdom against Fear

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CrossReads Short Takes

An Agent for Clementine

(The Pinkerton Matchmaker Book 36)

by Ginny Sterling

An Agent for Clementine

Hidden identities, an infamous robbery, and a sudden marriage make for one sweet & tender adventure! 

Clementine Fenton was betrothed for years to a man she’d never met, pushing off the nuptials for as long as possible. When her family goes behind her back and she discovers that her marriage is impending – she makes a break for it! Running away to join the Pinkerton Agency, she’d longed for a life of adventure and independence.

Jericho Buchannan knew this day was coming and dreaded it with every fiber in his being – he was going to be shackled into a loveless marriage with a woman he’d never seen before. He was at the precipice of his new career as an agent, something his father couldn’t understand. Jericho knew his duty was to take over the family business, but yearned for a last hurrah before settling down.





Overcoming the Seesaw of Wisdom against Fear

by Dr. Shon Shree Lewis

Overcoming the Seesaw of Wisdom against Fear

I am so thankful that at almost forty years young, God gave me His revelation and a spiritual treasure about wisdom and began to teach me in my personal relationship with Him, how to understand the difference of living in His wisdom and not tolerating fear. Because the most common similarity wisdom and fear have is the action of apprehension or caution in decision-making in order to grow in life. Soon after, I was inspired and received an urgent call from God to log in my journal my learning experiences about how God’s wisdom began giving me understanding, power, and healing to resist the seesaw of fear by using God’s wisdom as a Spiritual compass to help me make wise and righteous decisions in my daily Christian life.

As an author, I truly understand the emotional battle one can experience when needing healing from living in fear because of negative experiences from ungodly people and negative experiences in the world.
Whether one is a new Christian or has been a Christian (living for God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit), this beautiful lifestyle with God is a continuous journey of learning how to live in God’s love through challenging times while resisting evil and treating others kindly and making better choices in life to live a spiritually and physically healthy life on this earth until we go back home to heaven to live with God for eternity one day.
I pray that my readers learn God’s wisdom (His supernatural intelligence) for their practical living and for them to apply the ways to conquer the seesaw of fear through their learning of my experiences and growing in the Lord. Realize that I am still growing and continuing to be blessed in my relationship with God by using this powerful principle of God’s kingdom, wisdom! Indeed, let your soul be refreshed in reading this anointed word of God in Jesus’s name!


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