CrossReads Short Takes: Amish Bachelors DON’T Grow Beards: Book 1 & Another Chance – Book 1

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CrossReads Short Takes

Amish Bachelors DON’T Grow Beards: Book 1

by Samantha Fisher

Amish Bachelors DON'T Grow Beards

She thinks he’s married: He’s too much of a coward to admit he lied.





Off the Streets

(Another Chance – Book 1)

by Janice Cole Hopkins

Off the Streets

When Gwen McAllister is accosted behind the soup kitchen where she volunteers, she wants to repay her homeless rescuer, so she talks him into going to her home for a meal. Despite her son’s and sister’s objections, she trusts Hunter.

Hunter Nash reluctantly goes with Gwen, but he leaves as soon as he can. With the baggage he carries, the widow and her three children don’t need him around. However, circumstances put them together again, and Hunter finds it hard to keep his feelings turned off and remain uncaring. But he’s determined to protect Gwen, even from himself.


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