CrossReads Short Takes: A Summer at Sagamore & There Abideth Hope 2/15/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Summer at Sagamore

(Romance at the Gilded Age Resorts Book 2)

by Lisa Prysock

A Summer at Sagamore

Can summer love survive amid mystery and mayhem?

When Abigail Greenwood and her cousins settle in for their annual summer retreat at the stunning and impressive Sagamore Resort in the Adirondacks, all she wants is to spend as much time as possible plunking out stories on her typewriter. But when her cousins insist she join them in the tradition of choosing a beau to adore from a distance during their stay, she reluctantly plays along, setting her sights on a mysteriously quiet and aloof guest. What started as harmless fun soon changes as Abby finds herself captivated by debonair—and handsome—Jackson Gable. Who is he, and why does his arrogant amused smile exasperate her so much?

When a series of events causing mayhem and mischief begin to occur at Sagamore, journalist Jackson Gable is determined to get to the bottom of it, since his father is an investor of the resort. Jack has a nose for mysteries, but he may have to use his recently earned law degree and some of his posh family connections to sleuth out the culprit. Are the events connected? Why are they happening? And why can’t he get the beautiful Abby off his mind?





There Abideth Hope

by Sharon Connell

There Abideth Hope

While attending the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program at the University of Illinois, Chicago Campus, Lynne Temple witnesses the murder of one of her professors, an execution orchestrated by a master criminal known only as The Piper. Although his accomplices are convicted, The Piper escapes.Upon discharge from the military, Lynne settles on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Pensacola, Florida and finds love. She also experiences déjà vu when an attempted murder takes place at the hospital where she works. Is The Piper involved?As a storm brews off the Gulf Coast, rebellious teens, rave parties, and human trafficking add to the dangers Lynne and her boyfriend Nick face trying to help authorities locate a group of missing young people. Will they survive to see their new love grow?


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