CrossReads Short Takes: A Promise Kept & Cowboy Just in Time

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Promise Kept

A WWII Homefront Romance

(Buckeye Promises Book 3)

by Cara C. Putman

A Promise Kept

Softness removed the lines around her eyes. “I love you, Art Wilson.” Before he could respond, she stood on tiptoe and stole the rest of his breath with a kiss.

He deepened the kiss and thoughts of abandoning the walk played in his mind.

A heartwarming WWII historical from award-winning author Cara Putman:

Can new love endure heartbreak?

Josie Wilson’s newlywed life is perfect—until her hopes and dreams are shattered by a miscarriage. She’s not sure her wounded heart will ever heal. Then Art asks her to open their home to a distant cousin who’s been evacuated from England. Will the child open her heart? Or will she remain closed off to the prospect of future pain?

Art Wilson adores his bride, but he never anticipated how challenging marriage could be. When grief over the baby they’ve lost forms a chasm between him and his new wife, he wonders if he has made a horrible mistake. Why can’t Josie support him and understand his long hours are necessary as the industry is reeling in the early days of World War II?

Will the ravages of war and personal grief tear Josie and Art apart, or will they keep the promises made to each other on their wedding day?

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Cowboy Just in Time

(Hearts Across Time)

by LoRee Peery

Cowboy Just in Time

When event planner Amanda Totten falls through a barn trapdoor and finds herself in the arms of an 1890’s cowboy, she scrambles to find a way back to the future. She has a life and obligations—her fledgling business and her mother’s financial needs. But the less stressful lifestyle, and her deepening love for Gavin Medley, is calling to her heart and she is torn between past and future.

Has God given her a chance at love?

Gavin Medley has been working for years to regain his family homestead. As ranch foreman, he has nothing but a dream of a place and family of his own. But his love for Amanda is making him think that having his own ranch isn’t as important as having someone to love for the rest of his life.

When Amanda returns to the future, Gavin is shattered. He tries to go forward in time, but fails. Believing it’s God’s will, Gavin resigns himself to living without the love of his life.

But love transcends time, and Amanda and Gavin need each other. Can Amanda return to her cowboy?


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