CrossReads Short Takes: A Nurse for Jacob & Minister’s Manna Volume 3 8/31/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Nurse for Jacob

(Nursing the Heart Book 4)

by Caryl McAdoo

A Nurse for Jacob

Physician heal thyself
While physical wounds heal with time, a special balm is needed to heal those sick of soul. In the Civil War aftermath, two such people’s paths cross. A recent graduate of the Harrow School of Nursing first class in May 1868, Lydia Andrews arrives at the Touro Infirmary in New Orleans, hired on Clara Barton’s endorsement. There she meets Doctor Jacob Johnston, and both soon learn that love is the salve to soothe wounded souls.





Minister’s Manna Volume 3

Prayer & Fasting

by Sheldon D. Newton

Minister's Manna Volume 3 Prayer & Fasting by Sheldon D. Newton

Do you desire to know more about FASTING?

It is a subject that many believers shy away from. Yet this powerful spiritual discipline and principle is revolutionary in its results. When people spend time in fasting and prayer with a pure heart before the Lord God Almighty, He responds with His Presence and power in miraculous ways. Prayers are answered mightily. Gifts of the Spirit are released and flow marvelously in the body of Christ, resulting in the salvation of lost souls to Christ; the sick receiving healing; and the oppressed and possessed being delivered. If you have tried everything, and to no avail, try fasting. Learn the principles of prayer and fasting in this powerful short-read that will transform your life for the glory of God. Get your copy now!


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