CrossReads Short Takes: A Life of Prayer & Jordan Valley Roundup 8/2/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Life of Prayer

by Chelsea Kong

A Life of Prayer

Includes various types of prayers and effective prayers, salvation prayer, receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, praying the Word/Scripture verses, and explains intercession, and how to pray over prophetic words. A daughter’s and son’s prayer is powerful. Guide your children to grow in their prayer life and strengthen their faith in God. Do you want your children to learn how to pray? This book will give them bible based principles on how to develop a life of prayer. They will learn to be close with Jesus. It build their prayer life, teach them how to pray and the importance of prayer.





Jordan Valley Roundup

by Susan Spess

Jordan Valley Roundup

While barrel racing to earn enough to pay her uncle’ s debts, Jessie Cobler’ s horse falls. She cries out to God, certain she’ s about to die, but the quick action of Mitch Tanner saves her life. She accepts an offer to stay on the cowboy’s family’ s ranch so she and her horse can rest and heal. It’ s the perfect place to hide from those who threaten to tear her dreams apart.

Bull rider Mitch Tanner is determined to earn professional status to honor his deceased father, but running a ranch and helping with his younger siblings leaves time for little else. Having Jessie on the ranch is a distraction he can’ t afford. After all, he doesn’ t have time for love.

As Mitch and Jesse work together to rescue abused animals will Mitch discover there’s more to life than earning a status? Will he be able to help heal Jesse’s broken heart and spirit and lead her to the Lord


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