CrossReads Short Takes: A Heartbroken Father & Musing Christian Principles

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Heartbroken Father

10-year-old Gracie & the Save a Soul Prayer Team

(A Fruit of the Spirit Book Book 1)

by Paula~ Rose

A Heartbroken Father

I’m always blessed to have God direct my writing!

This book and series would not exist if not for the Lord and a new friend who shared some things that lead me to ask others to pray for him. Aware of my burdened heart, God called me to write The 10-year-old Gracie & The Save a Soul Prayer Team series.

I hope you enjoy this book.

While you read this fiction, God may ask you to become a member of The Save a Soul Prayer Team and pray for people like those you’ll read about. I thank you, in advance, for doing this and look forward to hearing how God answers your prayers.

If you’d like to have your name in the next 10-year-old Gracie & the Save a Soul Prayer Team book titled, Billy-Bob’s Christmas Cookie, check out the cookie contest information right after the end of the book.
I hope your life is blessed like Gracie’s is and, now, to the story!





Musing Christian Principles

An Old Man Thinking About Life

by Martin Murphy

Musing Christian Principles

A book of short articles relative to Christian doctrine, Christian life, and Christian culture. Written in the style of a devotional, it has more depth than typical Christian devotionals. The topics will challenge the reader to apply the principles after a thoughtful inquiry.


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