CrossReads Short Takes: A Dare and a Prayer & Serving Jesus 10/4/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Dare and a Prayer

(The Cousins O’Connor Book 3)

by Julie Lessman

A Dare and a Prayer


He’s a hotshot who takes up a dare.
She’s an aspiring missionary who wants to beware.
But will love become a gamble with a dare and a prayer?

Lieutenant Henry Dennehy is a cocky and carefree fighter pilot in the Pacific Theatre of WW2, known for scoring big, both in the sky and on land. But when his buddies offer a bet he can’t refuse to turn the head of the “untouchable” nurse at 369th Station Hospital—a woman who’s shot down more flyboys than the enemy—he’s bound and determined to win. Problem is, if he wins the dare, will he lose at love?

Lieutenant Amy Leigh MacArthur was on her way to the mission field when she detoured to fight for her country instead, an Army nurse whose interest lies only in healing the wounded and teaching orphans to read. Certainly not in men, and definitely not in Henry Dennehy, the boy who ridiculed her years ago as a shy and homely teen. But when Henry pursues her and won’t take no for an answer, Amy finds a way that gives him no choice.

Until, that is, love does the same for them both …


Serving Jesus

(Seeing Jesus Book 9)

by Jeffrey McClain Jones

Serving Jesus

Her grandmother has told her so many stunning, miraculous stories. Now it’s her turn to live with that same wonder, to see some miracles of her own.

Bethany Hight has followed her heart toward a dream of her own and away from her mother’s ambitions for her. Instead of bright lights on shiny stages, Bethany aspires to teach music to children. She will have to pursue her own dream without the support of her mother, including working in a diner.

She does, however, have the support of her dad, her friends, her church and her grandma. When that grandmother develops heart trouble late in Bethany’s semester, she must decide whether to skip finals to be at Grandma’s side. But an astonishing visitor assures her that her grandma will be fine as she finishes the school year. And that stranger accompanies her on a fateful visit to Bethany’s favorite relative.

Serving Jesus is the ninth book in the Seeing Jesus series. It tells the story of Bethany, who is Gladys Hight’s granddaughter—Gladys the focus of book two, Hearing Jesus.


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