CrossReads Short Takes: A Bride for Lane & The Abolitionist’s Daughter

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CrossReads Short Takes

A Bride for Lane

Mistaken Identity Mail Order Brides Book 7

by Lisa Prysock

A Bride for Lane

Eugenie Hayes, an heiress seeking an escape from an undesirable betrothal, pursues a romantic notion to venture into the western frontier as a mail-order bride. Her mother met her father in the Wild West, and she aims to follow in their footsteps.

Lane Bolten, a Missouri farmer, wonders how he ended up with the wrong bride, and one who hasn’t worked on a farm a day in her life, can’t cook, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. There must be some mistake! This isn’t the bride he ordered from the agency.

Can a case of mistaken identity lead to romance, faith, purpose, and true love? Find out in this clean, sweet, Christian Historical Western Romance novella, and get your copy today!





The Abolitionist’s Daughter

(Sons of the Shenandoah Book 1)

by Kathleen L. Maher

The Abolitionist's Daughter

The crusading daughter of a Washington politician, Marietta Hamilton comes between twin brothers as the country plunges toward Civil War. Horse traders from Virginia, Ethan Sharpe and his brother Devon would defend their livelihood from her interfering kind. When love ignites, friends become enemies separated over the course of a long and brutal conflict. Can the very influences which carved a chasm unite a torn family against all odds?



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