CrossReads Short Takes: 31 Days of Healing: A Devotional & The Prairie Princess

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CrossReads Short Takes

31 Days of Healing: A Devotional

by T M Leszko

31 Days of Healing

The purpose of this book is to connect you to the God of healing and miracles. Through the testimonies of healing in the biblical accounts of Jesus and His disciples, you will read of the keys that unlocked the doors to the realm of the miraculous for those individuals in need. What happened to those men, women and children can be your reality, because Jesus is the same compassionate healer today, as He was when He walked this earth over two thousand years ago. The conduit to connect you to His power is unchanged, and is through faith in His name and in His promises. Heaven has backed the integrity of the name of Jesus with power for those that will believe and trust in Him.

These daily devotions will introduce you to this wonderful God and Savior and will reveal to you that His words are faithful and true to anyone who will humbly believe them and receive them into their lives. Whatever challenge you are facing, His words will instill the faith necessary to overcome any negative diagnosis or report. Let these testimonies lay a foundation of trust and assurance in you that will make God’s word the final authority and prognosis over your situation.




The Prairie Princess

(The Belles of Wyoming Book 22)

by Lisa Prysock

The Prairie Princess

Joshua Stanton is a handsome Virginia widower with a tomboy daughter named Ambrosia. When he brings her to live in Belle, Wyoming and soon after inherits the family ranch, Silver Aspen, he also inherits the informal title his Pa used to hold, ‘The Cattle King.’ Now, he’s one of the largest Cattle Barons in the area. Running the ranch is a tremendous job for someone who has been a Virginia crop farmer studying philosophy, theology, and agriculture most of his life. To make matters worse, the weight of the world is on his shoulders when Ambrosia is expelled from school in the middle of her term.

Lady Mia has inherited her mother’s beautiful Italian looks and a courtesy title from her English father. She is escaping an arranged marriage to an Earl from Devonshire. Instead of marrying, she has convinced her father and friends in America to indulge her one passion. Now she’ll be free to explore the American western frontier and pioneer life as the new governess for Mr. Stanton’s daughter. However, avoiding her attraction to Joshua Stanton may prove to be more of a challenge than transforming his tomboy daughter.

Get your copy of this novella today and enjoy an inspirational, sweet, western historical romance with adventure and faith! Each of the novellas in this series may easily be read as a stand-alone.


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