CrossReads Book Spotlight: Walden Beach Christian Romance Box Set

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Walden Beach Christian Romance Box Set

(3 books in 1)

by Andrea Boyd

Walden Beach Christian Romance Box Set

Find Love at Walden Beach!

Irresistibly Yours
One bad marriage was enough for Vivian Emerson. She could happily stay single for the rest of her life. But Bo Manning has other plans. Will she be able to resist his efforts to woo her? Irresistibly Yours reveals God’s fervent effectual call in the form of a classic romance.

Felicity Sutton made the biggest mistake of her life when she broke off her engagement to Jaylon Briggs. He now owned a multi-million dollar shipping enterprise, but it wasn’t his money that fueled her regrets. It was love for the man who stole her heart.
Inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Love’s Redemption
Izzy Tanner sees nothing wrong with her casual way of living. Then a date goes terribly wrong and unwanted memories from the past resurface, leaving her broken and ashamed. She begins to question her life and the choices she has made. Can God be trusted to set things right again?


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