CrossReads Book Spotlight: Two Promises

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Two Promises

Timeless Truths and Thought-Provoking Modern Parables

by John B. Thompson Jr.

Two Promises

Filled with timeless truths and described as bordering on prophetic, Two Promises is a Christian allegory that guides the reader through a simple, fresh and thought-provoking storyline using modern parables to examine examples of human behavior. You are invited to walk along with the characters as they describe scenes and images that hold hidden insights intended to provoke thoughts about your own place in the Master’s plan. Look for the symbolism and hidden meanings. How will you interpret the different scenes? Which apply to your spiritual journey? Do some changes need to be made?

Creatively written and refreshing, the theme and story of Two Promises will remain with readers as they ponder internal issues and personally interpret the meaning of each chapter. Read it again later to discover new insights based on your changing experiences. Truly inspired, it will be a timeless, treasured addition to your library.


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