CrossReads Book Spotlight: The Scent of Fear

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

The Scent of Fear

A Novel (The Moses Trilogy Book 2)

by Susan J. Reinhardt

The Scent of Fear

The story continues – Book 2 of The Moses Trilogy – Set in Lancaster County, PA and Holmes County, Ohio.

After three years of tenuous peace, John and Ellie Zimmerman are shocked when two old friends show up in disguise. Their world is once again sent into turmoil.

Jim Kenneman, Director of National Security, masterminded the break up of a group persecuting Christians in the Lancaster Tourist Zone. Now, they’re gunning for him. At first, he relies on his negotiating skills, but his best operative convinces him that won’t work.

Monty, a topnotch operative, worked on the Bird-in-Hand assignment and helped bring down the New Patriots. A recurring dream prompts him to rescue his boss from possible murder. The agency might not be sending him on assignment, but he knows God is directing his path – one that could wreck his career, family, and cost him his life.

The operative and Director of National Security disguise themselves and escape from Washington, D.C. with the authorities hot on their trail. They head for Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania but know it’s temporary. Beyond that, the future is a giant question mark. In their travels, they stumble upon a network of safe houses. They’re fed, clothed, given supplies, and directed one step at a time. They manage to evade the traps set for them and reach their first destination.

With the help of the Zimmermans and their neighbor, Zeb Beiler, the two men move to Holmes County, Ohio, where the Amish shelter them. Jim and Monty are now Jacob Zook and Samuel Yoder. They connect with Dr. Abby Weaver, a Mennonite woman, and the Resistance movement. A year goes by, and Jacob knows there’s only one way they can lead a normal life. He and Samuel embark on a journey to face their situation head on. They’ll either succeed or meet their Maker.


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