CrossReads Book Spotlight: The Mackenzie Martyr 4/21/2022

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

The Mackenzie Martyr

by R.A. Graves

The Mackenzie Martyr

In the hopes of honoring his brother’s final wish, Ben Goodwell decides to deliver a Bible to a new Christian convert in the Mackenzie Mountains. He has no idea what danger he is flying into.

The Kask-tu-gotens are a friendly people, open to other cultures, traditions and even gods – except for one god whom they find to be at odds with everything they hold dear.

Ben finds himself trapped in the cold mountain village, waiting on the next flight out. Meanwhile, he holds a rejected Bible, is mistaken for his missionary brother, and is pressed hard on every side, by those who wish him harm, and by those who need his help.

For one week he lives where his brother lived, sleeps where he slept, and grows fond of the converts he left behind.

Caught in the tension, Ben struggles with his own personal tug of war. He discovers just how brutally sovereign God is, and that his struggle is not against man, but against that sovereign will.

Has God had a greater plan for him all along?

The Mackenzie Martyr is a succinct Christian Fiction novella, designed to be about a 2 hour read. Inspired by such books as Killing Christians and Fox’s Book of Martyrs, this story glorifies the sovereignty and holiness of God, and honors courageous Christians who love the Lord more than life itself.


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