CrossReads Book Spotlight: The Dreams Series

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

The Dreams Series

Contemporary Inspirational Romance

by Staci Stallings

The Dreams Series


Dreams by Starlight (Book 1) If all the world’s a stage and each of us plays a part, then Camille Wright is the high school wallflower that nobody remembers and only the bullies ever knew was there. However, her headlong dash to Princeton’s Aerospace Engineering program crashes to a heart-jarring halt when in order to “round out all those math classes,” she is unwillingly signed up for drama class. Awkward, shy, and quiet, Camille struggles to stay part of the wall even under the bright lights. But sometimes where you want to be isn’t where you were destined to be at all…

Jaylon Patrick Quinn has been the star so long, not even he remembers when he wasn’t. Confident to the point of obnoxious, smooth to the point of disgusting, Jaylon has his high school peers enthralled. However, the fool’s gold of stardom and the glare of being one-half of the school’s star couple have made Jaylon begin to question if this is really how life is best lived. Now he must decide which direction his future is headed and more importantly, if he really wants to go there at all.

Reunion (Book 2) Camille Wright and Jaylon Quinn met in high school and fell in love, but their dreams under the stars took them in two different directions. Now an aerospace engineer, Camille is successful in her career but struggling in life. Jaylon’s life took him where he never expected to be, and now he’s building a life that looks perfect—from the outside. Both remember the love they shared but understand that love once lost rarely comes back around…

Ten years later. Lives have changed. Dreams have changed.

Or have they?

A Contemporary Christian Romance Novels, DREAMS BY STARLIGHT and REUNION give a glimpse into two people who are better together than they ever are apart. When they meet in “Dreams,” their differences pull them together in ways they never expected. However, time and life drive a wedge between them. Can they bridge the gap and find love a second time around in “Reunion”? As inspirational books go, this series has it all—two struggling characters, loss, love, and ultimately peace. You will cheer for these two, cry with them, and love them just like you would expect to in the best of romance books. It is a romance like no other.

“Staci Stallings… Christian romance of the best and sweetest kind!”


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