CrossReads Book Spotlight: The Ascension

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

The Ascension

(The Lazarus Chronicles Book 2)

by Richard Spillman

The Ascension

Everyone dies once…what if a chosen few were raised from the dead?

Now that the threat from Abdul Ba’ith has been eliminated, Lazarus and his team at SOAR hope to help Ricki discover the secret in his journal. That hope is dashed when he discovers that the UDs have even bigger plans in the works—plans that threaten the stability of the entire world. North Korea is ruled by a UD who has overseen the development of a deadly airborne disease. The virus is on its way to the Middle East by boat where ISIS will use it to destroy Israel on October 10th.

Lazarus joins a team sent to North Korea to eliminate the UD responsible for the program while another team searches for the virus in the Middle East, hoping to destroy it before it can be used. The odds are stacked against both teams as event after event arises to impede their progress. Will Lazarus be able to free North Korea of its dictatorial leader?

Will Shiri’s team be able to locate the virus and neutralize it before it is released on Israel? It’s a world-wide hunt with more than the existence of Israel at stake, because the virus will spread from Israel to the rest of the world.


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