CrossReads Book Spotlight: Sterling Orphans

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Sterling Orphans

(Cactus Creek Book 2)

by Janice Cole Hopkins

Sterling Orphans

Needing to leave Sterling Orphan House at eighteen, Rose Sterling is to take toddler, Katie Hudson, to her father who works on the King Ranch in New Mexico Territory. She thought her biggest adventure would be getting there on the wagon train, but she was wrong.

Will Hudson can’t believe he has a daughter. His wife had left him for a gambler, and he’d been trying to cope ever since. He doesn’t make the best impression on Rose Hudson at first, but he sees how much his little daughter loves and depends on her. Can he adjust to fatherhood, or will he always be a disappointment to the women in his life?

Letty Sawyer is terrified of Indians since they killed her adoptive parents. When she ends up on the King Ranch, can Gray Fox show her that all Indians aren’t alike, and he would protect her with his life?


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