CrossReads Book Spotlight: Peril in the Park 5/2/2024

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Peril in the Park

Boxed Set 4 Full-Length Books

by Gayla K Hiss

Peril in the Park


When park ranger Jenny Snowfeather runs into Deputy Marshal Chase Matthews at her brother’s Fourth of July barbecue, she suspects there is more going on in Eagle Valley, WA, than fireworks.
After Chase confides that he believes the fugitive who killed his partner may be hiding out in the area, Jenny is skeptical, at first. But when her peaceful town is besieged with a sudden crime spree, she realizes Chase’s theory may be true.
But she soon discovers the greatest threat of all is losing her heart to Chase, who is obsessed with capturing the fugitive at all costs.
Risking everything to help Chase find the man who could kill them both, Jenny’s faith is put to the test. Will the enemy get away with murder?
Will Jenny and Chase reach freedom and safety…or be buried alive? They must tread carefully. One step in the wrong direction could mean the difference between life and death.

Dangerous Ground
It started with an anonymous note, but will it end in disaster?
Uncle Owen had died mysteriously, and Deputy Marshal Kate Phillips wants to know why. After arriving at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in search of answers, Kate finds herself at the center of an ancient family feud and a land dispute. It turns out a surprising number of people have an interest in her uncle’s estate. Even David Jennings, Kate’s handsome Good Samaritan who rescued her when she arrived, thinks he has a claim on Owen’s property – which some say is cursed.
Could Kate’s troubled past have come back to haunt her, or have the clues she’s uncovered about her uncle’s suspicious death put her life in danger? To solve the mystery, Kate needs David’s help. But can they pull together before time runs out? Or, will they become the next victims when it all explodes?

Will Rachael and Dylan escape the fire’s fury, or perish in the flames?
Sparks fly when wildfire researcher Rachael Woodston clashes with firefighter Dylan Veracruz in Rocky Mountain National Park. The June fire season has just begun, yet a long-standing drought has already turned the national park into a tinderbox. Rachael’s computer data indicates the fire Dylan’s crew is fighting is about to accelerate, but he doesn’t believe her – until the fire suddenly gets out of control and they have to evacuate.
Suspecting arson, Rachael and Dylan join forces in search of answers and soon discover that chasing fires isn’t all they have in common – they’re both survivors who’ve tragically lost loved ones. However, their difference of opinion about faith keeps them at arm’s length, despite a growing attraction. As the danger escalates, Rachael and Dylan soon find themselves in a firestorm they cannot escape. All seems lost until Rachael has a profound encounter that restores her faith and gives her hope. The close call also fuels her determination to stop the fiend behind the flames.
But can she and Dylan solve the mystery and extinguish their enemy before disaster strikes again?

Cold Pursuit
Can they elude the relentless danger before it’s too late?
A December tour of Yellowstone National Park sounded like the perfect escape from Faith Chandler’s problems at home – until she discovers her tour guide is her jilted childhood sweetheart, Jake Mitchell.
Despite her misgivings, the serene splendor of the winter wonderland provides a needed respite and gives her a fresh perspective. After a little soul-searching, she wants to come clean with Jake. But can he forgive her for the heartache she caused – or the truth she’s withheld from him? Meanwhile, Jake wants to keep Faith at a distance, yet he must protect her from the menace stalking his tour group.
As her enemies close in like ravenous wolves, Faith is the only one who can stop the mayhem by finding the missing piece of the puzzle. Is it a smoking gun – or a trap set to destroy both her and Jake?


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