CrossReads Book Spotlight: NOWHERE TO GO

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight


Christian Orphan Preteen Brothers’ Adventure

in Holy Spirit living, living Green, & Gardening

by R. J. Miller

(Jimmy & Me Book 1)


“Nowhere to Go” is a “Box Car Children” meets “The Great Brain” novel. A Box Car Kids meets The Great Brain novel. Christian orphan preteen / teen boys.
Jake and Jimmy Landon are orphaned. They avoid being separated in foster care. Jimmy, a 15-year-old genius decides to keep what’s left of their family together.
The story is told through the eyes of ten-year-old Jake. They’re careful to keep their secret, but how long can they pretend to have a non-existent mother? Or worse, will “Uncle” Jed find out where they live? The constant threat of mayhem is a real possibility.
These two adventurers find their way through various trials. Where will they live? How will they eat and pay for things? Super-natural miracles surround these two as they continue to trust God. Some call it religious, but we know it as a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jake and Jimmy read their Bible and pray, then God’s mystery unfolds. Their discovery of sustainability and green technology rocket their ambition. Men women and middle school kids have grown to love the characters in this amazing story.

“This story is so exciting. It’s so cool how Christ provides for their needs. What an adventure! I had to wipe away a few tears too,” Gordon Miller.
“A down to earth book with a touch of humor and great inventions from household items. When two brothers are faced with a tragic event, they turn to God,” Sharon Seilhymer​.


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