CrossReads Book Spotlight: NOW YOU SEE ME 2/22/2024

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CrossReads Book Spotlight


A Sexual Abuse Survivor’s True Story

by Odessa Gillespie Black


WARNING: EXTREMELY SENSITIVE CONTENT! NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ALL AUDIENCES Dori protects her little sister Kati from demons of every sort: Little boys whose fists leave bruises. Little girls whose bullying words break the spirit. And men whose touch scars the soul for a lifetime. For as long as Dori can remember, she’s never known a safe place other than church with her youth group. It’s the only escape she and her little sister, Kati, have. As Dori ages and her family cracks down the middle, she raises her little sister with scripture and her hard-working Daddy’s ingrained teachings as her only guide. When she reaches the confusing age of womanhood, she knows that God loves her but feels troubled beyond repair. Why did all those men single her out and leave her broken? What man would want a girlfriend or wife who’s been molested by seven different men? What decent man could possibly look past that? These demons torment her day in, day out, making it impossible to consider the love of a good, Godly young man. As she blossoms into a young woman and learns who she really is, she discovers that no matter how blemished she may feel, God has a preordained plan for her life that includes an unexpected love affair that rewrites the meaning of love and leaves her baffled with every glorious, passing day. A story of atrocious tragedy, the love of two sisters, a surprising, whirlwind romance, and the amazing saving Grace of Jesus Christ.


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