CrossReads Book Spotlight: Life at Daniel’s Place 8/24/2023

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Life at Daniel’s Place

How the cemetery became a sanctuary of discovery and gratitude

by Alice J. Wisler

Life at Daniel's Place

Are you grieving a loss? Do you feel no one understands your broken heart? How should a mother of faith deal with tragedy?

When 36-year-old Alice lost her son Daniel, she doubted a graveyard could ever offer tranquility. At first, she wanted to run from the cemetery because it symbolized that Daniel, her four-year-old son, was gone. Being at the grave filled her with shame, guilt, and doubt. Gradually, thanks to geese, picnics, helium balloons, and epitaphs, the cemetery, named Daniel’s Place by Alice’s family, became a haven of discovery and beauty. Life at Daniel’s Place is the story of a mother’s heart transformed from fear to certainty and confidence. Alice’s reflections remind us that a renewed faith in God is possible and welcomed, even amid trauma. While grief lasts a lifetime, God’s love and presence is always constant.

Alice J. Wisler is the author of award-winning inspirational novels (Rain Song, How Sweet It Is) and a devotional on grief and loss. She has also compiled three memorial cookbooks. An advocate for writing through loss and grief, she teaches writing workshops across the country. Connect with her at her website


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