CrossReads Book Spotlight: How to Write and Publish a Life-Changing Book

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

How to Write and Publish a Life-Changing Book

24 Steps To Publishing Your Book for Free

by Michael Yeager

How to Write and Publish a Life-Changing Book

From Doc Yeager: The Lord said to me back in 2012: Tell My Children to Write Their Stories. I said why Lord? He said to me: their testimonies are eternal! I said: how can that be Lord? And this is what he said to me. It Is My Word at Work in them, and My Word Is Eternal! Within every testimony, there is a seed of faith.Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.If you know anything about Docs life, He not only preaches with many scriptures in his sermons, but he is a Storyteller! These stories are not in the least exaggerated though they do seem incredible. Jesus himself was a storyteller. He used many parables and illustrations, plus he spoke much about His Father, and Himself. There’s nothing wrong about talking about yourself as long as it brings glory to God. Paul said if any man boasts, let his boasting be in the Lord. Stories inspire. motivate, and transform lives! Doc Yeager endeavors in this book to review the importance of your testimony. He gives wonderful insight and instructions about how you can take your stories, your testimonies, your Revelation, and present them in a life-changing message. Not only does Doc Yeager instruct you and how to share your testimony, but then he takes you through the whole process of how you can turn it into a published book for free. (Dr. Michael H Yeager is an accomplished writer with over 100 books published)


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