CrossReads Book Spotlight: Beneath Outstretched Arms

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Beneath Outstretched Arms

(Walk With Me Saga Book 1)

by Venessa Knizley

Beneath Outstretched Arms

“…could it be possible for happiness to be the product of two sad people finding each other?” ~ Tristan

The year is 1348. The Plague has reached Totnes, leaving Velena with little choice but to leave hopes and dreams behind in order to take shelter far from home and the man she is to marry. Meeting Tristan again was the last thing she expected.

Kind and honest, he is the light to her darkness, carrying with him the secret for dispelling her fears, once and for all. But is it wise to find companionship with a man who is not her betrothed? It’s been three years. Is Peter even alive?

Beneath Outstretched Arms is the first of five books to be released in this compelling new medieval series, Walk With Me.


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