Coming Soon: Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult

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By Ada Brownell

On January 15th Christian Author Ada Brownell releases her new book: Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult. Do you want to know more about this new book.

Let’s hear more about this book…

Joe the dreamer coverNew teen novel, Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult, a mystery combined with biblical events and spiritual encouragement. When Joe’s parents disappear, he becomes the target of the radicals that enslave them and his fate could be worse than death.


Here are some random excerpts from the book by the author, A.B. Brownell         

CHAPTER ONE: The doorbell echoed. Penny let out another scream and Hefley’s bark vibrated through the house. Paralyzing heat flooded Joe. On legs like gelatin, he trotted to the entry and looked out the peep hole. The man who had glared through the window now stood on the porch, pushing the doorbell over and over.

CHAPTER TWO: When Joe slipped into the sheets on Pete’s bed, he admitted to himself something happened to his parents. His guts twisted as he tried to pray. The song he played rang in his mind. Does Jesus love us? How could God allow something to happen to Mom and Dad?

CHAPTER THREE: With his flashlight, Joe read the story of Joseph from Genesis 37 to 50, and even though he was under the blanket, he shook his head several times at the disturbing things God had allowed the young man to go through.

Sleep finally came, and Joe found himself inside Joseph’s skin, trudging through the rocky hills following his father’s order to check on his brothers where they herded sheep. Joe’s colorful coat flapped in the warm breeze as he hiked. Dread slowed his footsteps. He knew his brothers didn’t like him much.

CHAPTER TEN: Joe’s heart jerked like a kite in a stiff wind, fearing to create conflict with his uncle, but he asked anyway. “Have you ever done a news story on Sir Henry’s castle?”

Faulkner looked at the remote. “We did when he started building. There’s a new owner. It’s some tax-free corporation.”

“Is that why they’re using prisoners to build the wall? Why did Sir Henry sell it?”

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: “The word on the street is somethin’ weird is going on at Sir Henry’s Castle.” Centipede’s bony hand shoved back his stringy hair. “We were going on that there natural water slide in the mountains and decided to take a peek at the castle. It looks like they have prisoners workin’ on that rich ol’ dude’s wall.”

Joe’s heart thumped. “What made you think the workers are prisoners?”

“They wear house arrest bracelets on their ankles like my pa used to wear, and they looked totally abused. A guard with a gun is always with ‘em.”

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: The next day at school, Joe tried to listen to his teachers, but he kept thinking about how Dr. Zogg might put him into a mental hospital.

CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE “A few minutes later, Joe sat in the dayroom with the other teens. Kurt, a freckled-faced blond boy, stared at Joe. “What’d you do to get in here?”

I read my Bible a lot… and dreamed about it.” Joe was having a hard time getting his brain to work with his mouth. He figured it was the medicine.

The boy howled. “Is that all?” One boy slapped his leg and laughed hysterically. Two girls looked and each other and giggled.

“Zack here did in both his freakin’ parents.” A curly-haired boy covered with pimples jabbed the youth next to him on the shoulder.

“Well, you cut yourself all up,” said the rough looking guy beside Joe. From the hatred and anger shooting from his eyes, Joe assumed he was Zack.

CHAPTER FORTY-THREE: (After Joe escapes from the mental hospital) “Kill!” the big guard yelled. “Get rid of this girl robot and kill these intruders!” He pointed to Centipede and Sham..

“Fire!” Joe whispered, hoping his aim was on target. He and Thumbs fired at the same instant and orange ammunition flew.

Both the robot and the guard moved, however. Thumbs’ ammo exploded on the guard’s big stomach, and he hit the ground.

Joe’s pumpkin shot up, then rolled away hitting nothing. He needed to aim better.

CHAPTER FORTY-FOUR: “I’ll kill these men myself!” the guard yelled as he struggled to his feet again. He took a handgun from under his jacket and aimed at Centipede. “I don’t know who’s throwing the pumpkins, but I have some real bullets.”

Centipede opened his oversized shirt, and a metal mirror flashed the sun into Gorilla’s eyes, almost blinding him. But Gorilla fired anyway.

Centipede fell backward to the ground.

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