Coming Out Clean by Naty Matos

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“Yet if you devote your heart to him and stretch out your hands to him, if you put away the sin that is in your hand and allow no evil to dwell in your tent, then, free of fault, you will lift up your face; you will stand firm and without fear. You will surely forget your trouble, recalling it only as waters gone by.  Life will be brighter than noonday, and darkness will become like morning. You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety.  You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor.” Job 11:13-19 

I never saw the things that were happening to me as some form of punishment for my shortcomings or consequences for an unadmitted sin. I have left those thoughts back in the days where I believed that I had to be condemned for the rest of my life for every mistake I have ever made. I’m not saying that I don’t make mistakes or that I don’t deserve to be punishment, but learning about God’s Grace has really changed the way I view life.

I have seen this times of trouble as an opportunity to spend more time with God, to have the time to sit down and do an honest evaluation of myself. In the hustle and bustle of life it is hard to realize the things that we are doing wrong, not necessarily sinful just living a lifestyle that we were not created for. I have the opportunity this time that I have never had, to take care of me.

For as far as I can remember I’ve been taking care of everyone and everybody. This time it was not only finally my turn, but also to allow to be taken care of by my Heavenly Father.

Some days are easier than others. Some mornings I wake up thinking up numbers and trying to figure out how things will be paid. I quickly remember who I belong to and regain peace.

I think the most important thing that I got from the scripture above was to search my heart and see what is robbing me of my peace today? I have the time and definitely the desire to be in perfect fellowship with God. If I’m not at peace this morning, why would it be? Am I not trusting God with his provision? Are my emotions getting the best of me? Is there something in my life that I need to confess or forgive? Whatever it is I need to work through it so that I can go back to the place of peace that sustains me through everything.

About the Author:

Naty MatosNaty Matos was born in the city of New York. She grew up in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico and now lives in the city of Atlanta.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a Minor in Mass Media Communications and a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Naty writes Christian fiction and non-fiction. She maintains a blog on Christian Living Topics at

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