Breaking the Connection By: Staci Stallings

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Staci Stallings


I was grateful for it, I suppose, but honestly I never really thought much about it.  Walk in a room, turn on the light… it just happened.  I’m not sure I even cared how unless it didn’t.

Then my son was born. He cares about “how” for everything!  “How do they fix the road?’  “How do they make tables?” “How do headlights work?” “How does the light come on like that?”

And to put it mildly electricity is his “thing.”  He loves it.  So a couple years ago we got him a set of Snap-Circuits (the best toy ever made for little boys who love to build things!).  The general idea for those who just walk into a room and flip on a light with no understanding of how electricity works (like me!) is that the switch is the connector.  To make electricity work, you have to have a battery or source of power connected from both sides.  The switch connects the two, completing the circuit, and turning on the power.

Connecting the electrical components in a line won’t work.  It doesn’t “complete the circuit.”

To have power, you always have to complete the circuit.  If your light or buzzer isn’t working, there’s a break in the circuit somewhere.

Now I remember this lesson vividly from my days on the farm.  We relied on electrical fences to keep the cattle in.  I had a healthy fear of those fences because you could totally get zapped by one if you ever challenged the thing.

BUT… if there was a grounding somewhere on the line or a break, no power flowed, and the fence was harmless.  If a fence wasn’t “hot,” that could mean hours searching for the break or weed that was touching the thing.  There was amazing power, but it was remarkably easy to break that power.

So what does all of this have to do with anything?


Jesus Christ is the power source, but His power can only flow through our lives if we complete the circuit.

This can mean one of two things:

1)  On our own, we must grab onto Jesus with BOTH hands.  If we’re reaching for something else with our other hand, we’ve broken the connection and God’s power cannot flow through our lives.  This is called sin.

Sin breaks our connection with God and He cannot work in our lives as vibrantly as He could if we were fully connected.

2) You can make a HUGE circuit.  My son has actually tried this hooking multiple sets of Snap Circuits together.  You’re not limited to you and God.  Start adding other people who join one hand to Him and one hand to you and the power gets stronger not weaker.

That’s why it’s so important to forgive and to work to bring friends back into the circuit!  If they let go of you or let go of God, the circuit has been broken.  And you know how a broken friend circuit feels… crummy!  It has no power.  It has no life.  It is a drain on you rather than a way God sends His power to you.

So lift your friends up to Him.  Help them latch onto His hand as they take yours.  Encourage them to spend some one-on-One time with Him, fully connected only to Him.

You will be amazed at the results!


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