Book Spotlight: The Redemption Bride 1/18/2022

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Book Spotlight

The Redemption Bride

A Blizzard Brides Companion Tale

Parker J. Cole

The Redemption Bride

Outlaw Cain Blackwood is haunted by his sins. He lives his life among the dregs of society, losing his soul with each unlawful act he commits. Until his eyes captures the gaze of one of his victims during a stagecoach robbery. Without thought of anything else, without even knowing why, he steals her away.

Ottilie Banner takes one look into the dark, pain-filled eyes of the man who kidnaps her and knows he’s a wounded spirit like herself. Though fierce, big, and filled with fury, she can tell he’s searching for something to ease the heartache within him.

When unforeseen circumstances force them to wed, Cain finds himself torn. Should he let the woman he kidnapped go? Or hold on to his bride of redemption?


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