Baby Steps:  Milk God’s Word

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by BJ Robinson

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:36

Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God. Romans 15:7 

 This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: “Write it in a book all the words I have spoken to you.” Jeremiah 30:2, NIV 

Thus speaketh the Lord God of Israel, saying,”Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book.” Jeremiah 30:2, KJV

The stories I write come from my heart and what God puts on it. Recently, I had a book group tell me that if my books contained a Christian theme, I couldn’t post them in that group, so I no longer belong to it. I write clean, sweet romances with Christian themes and write in different genres from historical to contemporary and romantic suspense to provide reader choice. I did my best to try to write a sweet, clean romance devoid of a Christian theme just to see if I could do it. I couldn’t, and I won’t take the Christian themes from my books just to be part of a book group. It’s not worth it to me. I understand that people don’t want books that preach when they want a story to relax and read, so while I do use scripture, my books don’t preach and in some books there is no scripture used, but if you read between the lines, you will notice there is still a Christian theme. I gave my writing to God, so I won’t take it back. I write from my heart and soul for Him. You can’t please everyone, and it’s more important to please God and keep writing for Him. My books are Christian, and I am a Christian writer. They are novels about life, and that’s not always pretty. Some are written as light, easy reads. Others go much deeper. My first novel, Last Resort, is probably a bit more full of scripture than any of the others. Now, I admit the piece below may be said to preach, but I wrote it years ago. 


I relax in sweet peace to the aroma of coffee and the music of birds, the prettiest melody in the world. Milk builds strong bones, but I need God’s Word to build a strong soul. Blissful morning surrounds me. I sip coffee and clasp the Good Book, content as I listen to the best choir.  

My eyes focus on 1 Peter in the King James Version of the Holy Bible, and I read Chapter 2, Verse 2: As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby. I’m determined to grow, and I pray for the nourishment of God’s Word like milk for a thirsting soul.  

A week ago last Sunday, my friend, Ginny, winked at a long-standing church member, and I overheard her whisper. “Hope’s a new-born, baby Christian.” Her words echoed through my mind. Ginny didn’t fully understand the growth of my spirit and soul, but God knew my heart.  

I felt a light feathery touch on my shoulder, like a hand comforting me. I rose, laid my Bible on a table and sprinted to the bathroom mirror. Ready for church, I waited for Ginny, and I didn’t want my makeup to run. Misty green eyes stared back. Tears flowed like Niagara Falls and cascaded down my cheeks. At the touch of the feather-like hand, I slowly calmed. Like watching a white dove fly across blue skies, my soul felt peace and love. I knew I wasn’t alone.  

Hard as I struggled, it seemed I could do nothing right. My good intentions always seemed to ruffle feathers best left unruffled. I asked the reflection in the mirror, “Why did it take me so long to discover my best friend?” 

Haunted eyes reflected my gaze. As I struggled with my memory lane of tears, I knew it was time to let God carry my baggage and lighten my load. I’d immerse myself in God’s Word and flourish like a flower with Miracle Grow.  

I heard Ginny’s horn, brushed tears away with quick fingertips, and dashed for my purse and Bible. As I climbed into the passenger side of her Chevy Nova, she said, “I know you think you’re ready to help others, but you still need help yourself.” She shook her head and gave me a poor-dear look.  

I glowed brighter than the Florida sun. “I’m growing strong in God’s Word every morning. I spend time with Him before I begin my day.” 

She reached across the car and patted my knee. “Honey, you still have a long way to go.” Ginny smiled. “You’ll make it one day, if you don’t get lost along the way. You’re not there yet.” 

I burned to defend myself, but bit my tongue.  

Ginny rattled on as she wagged a finger in my face. “The pastor says there’s four stages a born-again Christian must go through: The “Baby Stage,” “Little Child Stage,” “Young Man Stage,” and “Father or Mother Stage.”  

“I’m not a baby, a little girl, or a young woman. I’ve learned lessons through life experiences, and my diet consists of God’s Word as staples.” I turned my head and gazed at the tall pines as they flew past the car window.  

“You’re a babe in the woods.” Ginny laughed. “Relax. Don’t rush it.” She heaved a heavy sigh. “The newest girl in church is supposed to be a born-again Christian, but some of the stuff I’ve seen her do shows she talks the talk, but she doesn’t walk the walk.” 

“Pastor Roberts says when people are first reborn we must be patient with them.” Ginny has pegged me in the Baby Stage and refuses to let me grow. I was born again many years ago at a Billy Graham crusade, but she doesn’t know it. Just because I renewed my vows and faith, she’s placed me back at the “Baby Stage”.  

Ginny braked for a stop sign. “Patience is one thing, but the girl gossips like a running river.” She pulled into the church parking lot and parked underneath a live oak. 

Hope’s mind ran with thoughts and emotions as she listened to Ginny. At least the pastor understands. Pastor Barnes said, “We need to be careful not to criticize new-born baby Christians and turn them away from God. Their faith is fragile and must be nourished. Like a baby grows on milk, a “Baby Christian” must milk God’s Word to grow and flourish.” 

Ginny opened her car door and climbed out. Her heels clicked across the sidewalk. “I can’t figure that one out. I think she’s stuck in the “Little Child Stage”. She’s resentful, and she makes scenes, not to mention her idle gossip.” 

Hope tapped Ginny’s shoulder. “Here she comes. It’s up to us to lead by example.”  

Ginny said, “The “Young Man Stage” requires us to support them with prayer, so they can continue to remain strong and overcome the enemy, but she’s not strong yet.”  

As they reached the double doors to the church, Penny waltzed into arm’s reach. Her raven hair bounced at her shoulders, and her scarlet lips flashed white teeth. She batted eyes heavily layered with mascara, smiled, and strutted into church like a proud peacock. 

Ginny said, “That girl wears too much makeup. She must buy out the cosmetic counter. Did you smell her? Her scent is enough to drug a man.” 

Hope held the door open for Ginny. “You know, I think I’ve reached the “Mother Stage,” because I’m content, at peace, and full of joy over the fact my sons and daughters are spiritual children. Maybe we need to encourage Penny by Word and example. God’s timing is different than ours, and growing from one stage to another takes time. We need to water her with God’s Word like we nourish our flower gardens. We must remember a born-again Christian still has two natures:  One of the world and one brand new in Christ. She must renew her mind through the Word (God’s milk) and regenerate.”  

Ginny giggled like a schoolgirl. “I’d like to water her all right and wash off some of that makeup.”  

As the two women took seats in the front-row pew next to Penny, she beamed a smile brighter than headlights on a pitch-black night. “It’s great to see you. I wanted to invite you ladies to my house for prayer meeting Wednesday night.” 

“We’d be delighted.” Hope hugged Penny. “Like milk makes strong bones, God’s Word makes us strong, so we can defeat the enemy.”  

Ginny’s mouth dropped open as wide as the Grand Canyon, but she quickly recovered. “We’d love to come. Thanks for inviting us.” 


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About the Author:

B. J. RobinsonBJ Robinson is the author of over thirtybooks including full-length novels, novellas, and short stories. Many are Amazon bestsellers. Some have won awards. Four were published by a small independent publisher. She writes from Florida where she lives with her husband and pets, blessed with three girls, two boys, thirteen grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Visit her at or find her as BJ Robinson on Facebook. Check out Amazon selection here:

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