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by BJ Robinson

Tell us about one of your book heroines.

Alexis, called Lexie, in Siege of Azalea Plantation and Azalea Plantation vows to teach slaves to read even though it is dangerous and she’s warned against it. She’s also warned that it’s not wise to sharecrop her plantation when the war is not over, and the South hasn’t lost, that it could also prove dangerous. She’s warned not to discuss the fact that she has freed her slaves before the emancipation proclamation was even official, so she is in defiance of the times. These are Civil War historical romance novels.

Are there recurring themes throughout your books? Words or strengths/weaknesses that you are trying to touch on in your characters’ stories?

A young widow must learn to let go of the past to claim a future. She’s lost her new husband in the Civil War and will have his baby to rear. When Reese Armstrong appears in a Union blue uniform, she wants nothing to do with him and blames the Federals for her Luke’s death. She’s forced to deal with him when he uses her home for a hospital. Gradually he tugs at her heartstrings and makes her want to live again. She has to let him go to continue fighting in a war that never seems to end. Her strength lies in finding something productive to do with her time while he’s gone in teaching others how to read. Her weakness is worrying that she’ll lose another love to the same war.

Below is a short blurb about each of the books mentioned. Azalea Plantation is my newest release:

Alexis thought she’d never love again until Reese Armstrong made her want to live, but can she trust him? Is he a spy or traitor? Historical romance.

Reese Armstrong never thought he’d fall for a belle or any other woman after what happened to him. He stood staring after the buggy as it rolled away, dust flying from beneath the wheels. His heart went out to the young woman, but she sure was a feisty one. Those haunted eyes showed passion and love for the husband she’d lost. He felt a twinge of envy race through his heart. To be loved like that.

Lexie never thought she’d love again until Reese made her want to live. A young widow has to learn to let go of the past to claim a future for her unborn child and a life.

Book 1 – An explosion rocked the earth. Lexie gasped as it shook the ground beneath her feet, and she felt herself slide. Down she went, right down the embankment. She grabbed at tree roots as she slid. It was nearly

dark. She wondered if she’d be found. Alexis never thought she could love again until Reese Armstrong made her want to live. Reese never thought he’d fall for a belle or any other woman after what he’d been through.

The awaited sequel to Siege of Azalea Plantation is here! Book 2 in the Azalea Plantation Series.

Reese Armstrong recently married Alexis, but he must leave her after a short honeymoon to continue fighting the Civil War with Sherman in Georgia.

Lexie’s heart breaks when he decides she’d be safer at his uncle’s plantation near New Orleans, and she must leave her beloved home. Warned on the Natchez, trouble soon strikes in New Orleans and leaves her to wonder if she’s made the right decision. Will she ever see little Reese, her husband, or her beloved home again?


B. J. RobinsonB. J. Robinson is blessed with five children and thirteen grandchildren. If you would like to explore the various genres she’s written, please check out her Amazon Author page:

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