Author Interview with Ruth O’Neil

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Today we are talking with Ruth O’Neil. Thank you Ruth for being here today and for agreeing to doing this interview.

1. Tell us a little about your “real” (Non-writing) life — family, job, church life. Does it give you inspiration for your writing? Does it get in the way of your writing, or are there times when you get help, from people or circumstances?

It’s kind of hard to separate my writing life from “real” life. So much of my real life becomes a part of my writing. My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We have three children. Our oldest is married, our second is about to get married, and our youngest will graduate from high school next year. I have always homeschooled my children, which takes up a large part of my day.

Life doesn’t get in the way of my writing. Life gives me ideas for my writing. Even a trip to the grocery store can give me ideas, especially for characters. Sometimes my writing has been put on hold for a little bit because my family is important to me. I never wanted my husband or my kids to think I was too busy to talk to them. They always, and will always, come first. If that means that I don’t get an article written that day, then so be it.

2. Tell us about things you enjoy — what you do for fun or personal satisfaction.

I enjoy camping, hiking, cooking, quilting. Those are often my writing-thinking times.

3. Tell us about working with any people who help you create your books — Do you use Beta readers? Hire an editor or proofreader? How do you get your covers?

Some of the most important people are my beta readers. I have a wonderful book club that I can count on to read my book, look for last minute corrections, and give honest opinions about my books.

4. Tell us about your newest book. Make us want to read it.

My most recent book is Belonging. This is the second book in my What a Difference a Year Makes series. All the books are stand-alone and don’t need to be read in any particular order. Shelly is a young woman who suddenly finds herself completely alone in the world. She’s an introvert that God gives directions to that she finds terrifying. She has to learn to trust and to step out of her comfort zone so she can see what great blessings God has in store for her.

5. What’s your next project? Tell us so we can’t wait for it to come out!

I am working on the third book in the series. This one is all about friends and the important role they play in our lives. I think often, as Christians, we drop the ball when someone truly needs us. I hope this book changes that. These friends are quirky, and they go through a lot of trials, but it’s easier when struggles are shared with the best of friends.

6. Who do you consider a mentor in your life? What did that person teach you?

Definitely my mom. She was also a writer, and she was my biggest cheerleader. She provided me with writing knowledge that can’t be learned in a classroom.

7. What is your favorite verse in the Bible? Why?

Romans 8:26-27 ” In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”

It’s a comfort no matter what I’m going through.

8. Where can people find you on the Internet?

Blog –

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Goodreads –

Pinterest –

Amazon –

Google –

9. Do you include your own life in your books? Why or why not?

Much of my writing includes real life situations. I find them more realistic and people can relate to them better.

10. What’s your favorite “treat”?

Pepsi. It was a treat when I was a child, and it’s my go to treat now. I am actually working on a homemade, healthier recipe. We’ll see what I come up with.

11. You have a whole day to go anywhere and do anything. What would that be and why?

I would go to the beach and spend the day in the sun alternating between reading and writing.

About the Author:

Ruth OneilRuth O’Neil has been writing for over 20 years. She has published hundreds of articles in numerous publications. She loves to touch the emotions when she writes. “If I can make one person laugh or cry, I’ll consider myself successful.” Her first novel “Come Eat at My Table” has just come out in ebook form and can be purchased on her website. She homeschools her three children (well, one now, as two have graduated). She and her husband have been married for 20-plus years. In her spare time she enjoys quilting, crafting, and reading. You can visit her on her blog at ruths-real-life (dot) or her website at ruthoneil (dot)

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