Accomplishments for 2019 12/31/2019

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Each Year-End we each are asked to write down the accomplishments that have been accomplished, with God’s help, this past year. Here are this years participants. Click on each persons picture to see their books on Amazon.

Rebekah Beene

Rebekah BeeneBeing asked to write a synopsis of this year and the accomplishments I’ve had is hard to do. Not because there have been no accomplishments, but because God has been so incredibly good to me and my sweet husband.  He preached this year for the first time since his stroke in early 2017.  That was monumental, especially since we had been given a word from God through a nurse in his hospital room – basically saying “he will live and not die, he will walk again and he will preach the word; God is not finished with him.”  We held on to that word, especially me. Finally a call came and he answered the call. It was glorious!

As for writing I am continuing what God called me to do. I write daily devotionals, 365 a year. I write via prompts for some ministries including Five Minute Friday.  And when God gives a message to speak to individuals who pass my way I speak that truth over them.  Who doesn’t need encouragement in these times? God loves you and He’s for you always is like water to a dry and thirsty heart.  As long as God speaks I will write.

Successes for the year for me have to include the opportunities to speak the Word and encourage, equip and reconcile people to God’s love.  Nothing else really matters. If people don’t know how much God loves them they will always be reticent to live fully for Him. With love comes trust and faith and hope and oh so much more!  I even drove to Louisiana by myself to speak to a women’s group.  It was out of the world! Through the speaking events of 2019 I have received so much more than I gave – new friendships, fresh fire and eternal blessings.

As a writer for My Journey of Faith ministry, I was asked to be on the board this year. What a privilege.  This ministry is moving ahead in the new decade with much fervor and they are all about Truth!  I look forward to what God will do as we seek His face for the next move.

And of course there’s always the success of making it – through trials, temptations, troubles and events that shrink hearts.  Has 2019 been so very easy? Oh no. But through our God we shall do valiantly. And I hear from Him that 2020 will be a year of clarity. Isn’t that wonderful?  Stay close to the Lord, preach His Word, speak in faith, live in the Spirit and walk into the new decade with the hope of heaven!




Ruth O’Neil

Ruth OneilThis year has been exceptionally busy, in and out of my writing. I have published two additional titles in my Spiritual Insights from the Classics series: The Hound of the Baskervilles and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Also, the next novel in my What a Difference a Year Makes series is now available for pre-order. You can order digital copies of Lunch Ladies on Amazon, or send me a message to pre-order a hard copy. I am so excited about this book. It’s been six years since my last novel came out. One thing I discovered this year was that I can write a lot more than I have been. A ghostwriting job forced me to write 30,000 words in two weeks…and I did it in less. I started another new novel for NaNoWriMo. I kind of bombed out half way through due to life, but I have about 25,000 words on the next novel. Progress. Can’t wait to see what 2020 is going to bring!






Sherry Chamblee

Sherry ChambleeThis year I’ve had several major changes happen in my personal life.

I’ve seen a daughter well married to a wonderful young man who we’re proud to call a son-in-law. I’ve seen a second daughter find a young man who we hope to have as a son-in-law soon.
As for my writing, I’ve been able to finish several shorts stories. I’ve had a flash fiction piece published in an online magazine, the first time anything of mine has ever been accepted for something like that. I’ve also had another short story picked to be published in an anthology which will be published in the next year or so.
I’ve also decided to boost my editing business and begin speeding up my publishing schedule next year.
I’ve accomplished getting rid of some stuff at our house that we needed to have gone too, which for me, is a big accomplishment.
Suzanne D. Williams
Suzanne D. WilliamsThe significance of 2019 cannot be overstated in author, Suzanne D. Williams’ life. She released five single stories, finishing her “Cowboys of the Double R” series, and one set of four exclusive Christmas stories, including a double crossover. She also co-authored two historical romances with author, Laura J. Marshall, as well as putting numerous books into print. She looks forward to 2020 and what God will do through her.
James Collins


I continue to be amazed at how God has been working in my life and ministry. This past year our church broke ground on a new Family Life center, my weekly newspaper column went into syndication, and two of my books were published. As with every year, my family continues to be a wonderful blessing. Daily I thank God for my wife and children. However, the greatest accomplishment in my life continues to be my relationship with the Jesus Christ. If He tarries, I look forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do in 2020.
Mary C. Findley

Mary C. FindleyWon a Redemptive Fiction award for His Sign: The Wait Is Over

Published Mapped Out Murders, my first murder mystery, in April.

Published His Sign 2: The Ezra Solution, in September

Wrote 50,000 words for The Alexander Legacy Book Three, Beware the Bustle, (under my pen name, Sophronia Belle Lyon) in November. The word count now is just over 100,000 and I still hope to publish this by the end of the year. If not, in January.

Took Udemy courses on character drawing and HTML web design.

Began research and setup for serious audiobook and video soundtrack recording.

Produced cover designs for several authors, including an anthology called Beatitudes and Woes. This cover was noticed by publisher Steve Laube at a convention.

Had a couple of students I work with as a Special Ed Paraprofessional give me spontaneous hugs. They don’t hug just anybody.




J. Carol Nemeth

Carol NemethThank you for your interest in my accomplishments in 2019. I wouldn’t have accomplished anything apart from God’s grace and mercy. He blessed me with publishing two books: Ocean of Fear, Faith in the Parks Book 3 and The Peaceful Valley Wounded Soldiers Anthology. I’ve also produced a book along with a narrator for Audible. Dedication to Love is under review by ACX. I’m simply waiting for the green light and it will go on sale. You can count that or not since it isn’t actually up for sale yet.





Russell Sherrard

Russell Sherrard

I continued to administer Staci Stallings two blogs Grace and Faith 4 You and CrossReads

About mid year CrossReads was merged into Grace and Faith 4 You so I now only administer Grace and Faith 4 You.

I continued to manage the CrossReads Newsletter.

I continue to manage the social media campaign on Twitter for Laura J. Marshall and Christian Book Finds

Several months ago Laura’s site was moved to a WordPress site which made it more robust with more features.

I still promote Author Support Services that does freelance jobs for fellow authors.

Something new this year, I started a Podcast, Ask the Author Podcast. This podcast conducts candid and insightful interviews with Christian Independent Authors.

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