Accomplishments for 2016

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by All Of You 🙂

Here are all of our accomplishments for 2016. I must say these are a HUGE amount that we all have accomplished over the past year. The Lord has enabled us to accomplish them to get His word out through the talent He has given each of us. Congratulations! Click on the authors image to see their Amazon page to see all the books and ebooks they have written.

Lisa PrysockWriter of Christian & Inspirational Fiction Historical Romance

Lisa M. Prysock

Author of –:
To Find a Duchess, Inspirational Regency Romance Novel

‘The Victorian Christian Heritage Series’–:
Hannah’s Garden: a Turn of the Century Love Story, Volume I
Abigail’s Melody, Volume II

‘The Lydia Collection’–:
The Redemption of Lady Georgiana, Volume I
Protecting Miss Jenna, Volume II
Persecution & Providence, Volume III

Arise Warrior Princess, devotional

A generous portion of Lisa’s book proceeds donated to missions!

Official Author Web site:

Connect with Lisa on these social platforms: (@LPrysock)


Lisa’s books are generally available at Amazon,, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple iBooks and other retailers.

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Suzanne D. WilliamsSuzanne D. Williams,, released 17 novels or novellas in 2016. Of these, four were the completions to long-running series, SUPERHUMAN, FABULOUS, ANGST, and CYBORG-ROMANCE. It brought great satisfaction to pen the last words in each of these series. Within those seventeen, she also released two books that drew two other series to within one book of being ended and she looks forward to completing them in 2017. She wrote 2 Christmas-themed novellas within two months’ time. In addition, she re-released a book under a new pen name, JOSEPHINE MCCUTCHEON, and 4 novellas under a separate general fiction penname. She also put three of her older romantic suspense novellas into a set. 

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Cynthia T. ToneyI signed a contract with my publisher, Write Integrity Press, for a coming-of-age historical, The Other Side of Freedom. The story is set in the 1920s and has a boy protagonist. It is scheduled to release in August, 2017.
The other accomplishment is the recent release of 6 Dates to Disaster, the third book of the Bird Face series, which you already know about.
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Sherry ChambleeThis year I managed to write and publish a Mennonite story in a collection with 5 other authors. This was my first attempt at Mennonite fiction, and I found I liked writing it very much.

I also was accepted to join a team of lady bloggers over at Candidly Christian. I’m very excited about this new venture.
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Ruth OneilAs far as for the accomplishments this year…well, let’s hope 2017 has a little less “excitement.” I was able to finally finish an advent devotional that came out the end of November. This is a devotional for families with children that includes stories, songs, and activities to keep Christmas going all year long.
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Jim HughesAs far as having anything published is concerned, nothing.  I have read through the Word seven times this year, post daily devotionals on line, and I am in the process of trying to organize all my marriage tweets that I have posted over the years into some kind of a manuscript.  There are thousands of them, so it is taking me quite awhile.
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Heather HartPublished The Sell More Books 30-Day Challenge Workbook

Took over as the ministry director of

Founded, and online ministry for Christian women powered by a group of bloggers.

Published Mirror Mirror… Am I Beautiful?

Signed a publishing agreement with a co-author for the third volume in my Teen Devotionals… for Girls Series.

I got exclusive rights to all the current books in the Teen Devotionals… for Girls Series and had them re-edited.

Received over a dozen submissions for a new anthology project for Christian women.

And agreed to work with a co-author on two new books for authors that should be released in 2017.

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I wrote

B. J. RobinsonAzalea Plantation,

Cord of Three:

Perfect Love, and

When the Snow Comes

this year




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Valerie ComerI’m so thankful for God’s blessings this year, especially for a year of better health after a rocky 2015. With His strength, I was able to write five novels and a novella in 2016. Participating in NaNoWriMo helped finish the year strong, even though I had to be a NaNo Rebel by working on two projects instead of one. I published four novels, republished one, and released three books in audio. One of my novels won the Canadian Word Award for contemporary fiction, and a box set I participated in became a USA Today bestseller! All thanks to Jesus.



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Russell Sherrard

Russell SherrardI wrote three Bible Study books in my Journey Through the Bible Series which makes 4 in the series:

Exodus: The Departure From Egypt

Leviticus: Keep My Decrees and Follow Them

Matthew: Jesus, the Fulfillment of the Old Testament

I continued to administer two blogs for a fellow author Grace and Faith 4 You and CrossReads

I managed the CrossReads Newsletter

I continue to manage the social media campaign on Twitter for another author and Christian Book Finds

I started Author Support Services that does freelance jobs for fellow authors.

Joined Christian Home Business Association which helps me promote my various home business ventures.


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C J PetersonThe measure of success for many can be done different ways. Last year I published four books. It was a crazy year. This year, God had a different plan. While I did get DIVINE LEGACY published, the rest of the year was scary. My husband had back surgery, and once he recovered, we had an F2 tornado hit our town. And then once that was cleaned up, my body decided to go septic in August.

It’s been a long, hard road, but with the prayers and words of encouragement, I am back on my feet, and recovering at home. I was in the hospital for an entire month, starting in critical care, and then ICU, until I was finally placed in a regular room and then released. Thankfully, the Lord gave me a husband who was a former physician’s assistant in the Navy, and he recognized what was going on. Then, my close friends started a Facebook group that grew to a large amount of people praying for me. The prayers and words of encouragement helped me on those days I wanted to quit. I’m certain without God’s grace and mercy, I wouldn’t be where I am today, working on book two of the DIVINE LEGACY SERIES!

Stay tuned to see what 2017 brings!

C.J. Peterson

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