Accomplishments for 2014 by Russell Sherrard and various other authors.

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This is a yearly post of the accomplishments over the course of the preceeding year. As I was looking over each of the entries we all have accomplished quite a lot. Looking at them collectively, we accomplished a monumental amount. Click on each of the images to go to the authors Amazon page and the books they have written. Now without further ado here are our…..

Accomplishments for 2014

Ruth Kyser:

Ruth Kyser

  • For my accomplishments in 2014 — I published two Christian Novels:  “Second Chances”, Book 3 in the “True Cover” series; and “The Healing Hills”  I also changed jobs, opting for a part-time job in my quest to have more time to write (what else)!!

Valerie Friesen Comer:

Valerie Comer

  • I’m so thankful to have regained the rights to my first two full-length novels, which I republished in July. I’ve also published three other novels in 2014 and had one of them included in a box set that has done fabulously well. I’m looking forward to publishing three novels and several novellas in 2015. I’m thankful every day for the opportunity God has given me to write and publish.

Rikki Strong:

Rikki Strong

  • I haven’t been around much this year, but I won Camp NaNo in April, am going to win NaNo this year, and Erimentha, the last in my Superhero series is out.

Ada Brownell:

Ada Brownell

  • After the release of  Imagine the Future You in November 2013, Ada Brownell’s historical romance, The Lady Fugitive was published July 18, 2014, by Elk Lake Publishers. Elk Lake also publishes the highly popular Book Fun Magazine.
  • During 2014 Ada started the sequel to The Lady Fugitive, had two op-ed columns published in newspapers, and sold 11 articles to Christian magazines.
  • She had 83 guests on her blog, and had 30 guest appearances during tours on other blogs.
  • The Lady Fugitive was among those selected to run in the 2014 “Clash of the Titles.”

Judy Davis:

Judy Davis

  • In January with God’s guidance, I completed my 12th book Happy New You, a daily devotional to encourage and inspire the reader to read the Bible through each year. This summer I felt God leading me to write song lyrics and published them in a booklet A Song within My Heart. Along with writing these song lyrics this year, I also took piano lessons. Recently completed NANOWIMO with a little over 50,000 words.

Mary & Michael Findley:

Mary C. FindleyMichael Findley

  • We have published 8 titles this year, (including a complete rewrite and redesign of our first three homeschool curriculum modules), and have the next  installment on its way out to critiquers.

Laura J. Marshall – Christian Romance Author

Laura J. Marshall

  • Designed the new look for her website this year –
  • Completed her Serial Christian Romance “Faith, Love, and Fried Chicken”, making the first book permanently free on all online EBook retailers and having the complete series available in paperback form.
    Creating a new series, Faith & Fame, and publishing the first book “Lainey Sparks”.
  • Writing and getting “A Christmas Coffee” picked up and published through Astraea Press, now available.
  • Laura’s first fiction book “Persistent Love” got a new cover.
  • “All the Angels Stood” was released in paperback.

Russell Sherrard:

Russell Sherrard

  • In 2009 I started publishing on Amazon but formatting great works that I wanted for my Kindle. This year, I wrote my first book on my own that is 100% mine. It is called “Genesis: Book of Beginnings Book 1” the first in the series Journey Through the Bible. This book is now in paperback with CreateSpace. I also published, for the first time on Smashwords that distributes to multiple ebook stores worldwide.
  • I finally started upgrading my bookstore website Growing Through Grace Bookstore that has all of my books on there and in 2015 I want to start offering pre-selected authors that I want to offer their books. Several are on the list already.
  • This year brought me two freelance jobs from fellow authors that includes managing social media campaigns in Twitter and Facebook. I also manage a blog for a fellow author and started training to manage their newsletter which starts for real in 2015.
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