A Woman’s Walden by Barbara Robinson

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Cannot a woman have her very own Walden, as Henry David Thoreau did? This woman did! A woman can have her own Walden. I know, because I had mine. I found mine in the countryside of Louisiana, with a river for my back door. Nature abounded my cabin on three sides. Surrounded with a view of the woodlands on each side and the river as my back door, I enjoyed making use of the river and the woodlands for other purposes besides hunting or fishing.

Thoreau wrote of his Walden Pond, “This is my lake county. These with Concord River, are my water privileges . . .” He spoke of White Pond also. As those were Thoreau’s water privileges, my water privileges consisted of the river and a pond. There were also other spots that I visited to swim or to fish, but I did not frequent those.

I have never been rich in money, but I have had my money’s worth of sunny hours and summer days “spent lavishly,” as Thoreau said, splashing and swimming in the waters of rivers, enjoying the warmth of sunshine on my face as I fished, and lavishing in the beautiful, peaceful nature God provided. The summer I lived in here, during 1993, I practically lived on the banks of the river. We had no air conditioning, and the river was our way of cooling off after a long, hot summer day. My entire summer was spent between writing, with a view of the woods, or swimming and sunning on the banks of the riverbank. I usually used my own private little island, which was a present leftover from the many floods. It provided a sandy beach.

I remember stealing an evening in the sun, while I was still at Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU). I lavishly spent it by a pond in the woods off of a service road. What a way to do homework! Thoreau reminded me of my lavishly spent evening when he wrote, “. . .

nor do I regret that I did not waste more of them (speaking of sunny hours and summer days) in the workshop or the teacher’s desk.” I have never regretted my stolen evening from SLU, even though I became a teacher, and I have spent many hours in the teacher’s desk, as well as many hours in the student’s desk to become a teacher.

I would watch the reflections on the pond and reflect about my life. My thoughts ran wild and free. I made use of that pond in my own way. Just looking at the peaceful water calmed and relaxed me and took away textbook and college stress. It was my way of getting back to nature after being cooped up inside a classroom all day. I was like a bird out of a cage, and I enjoyed my freedom.

The pond, the woods, and the river were my links to nature. Sometimes a writer needs his solitude and to get back to nature, and my own Walden allowed me to do this. As nature and peaceful solitude helped Henry David Thoreau, it also helped this writer write. Today, I still love to sit and look out upon water as I reflect and write. A pool fails to provide the same type of wild beauty and freedom as nature and somehow it fails to inspire me the same. After being cooped up, like a bird in a cage at work all day, I always found myself longing to get back to nature.

This is why you’ll find me writing about nature in most of my books. Vivid descriptions of lush foliage and trees still inspire my writing. It sets a peaceful scene for a writer’s pen, but it can also present a scary one. Another thing about nature, I always felt closer to God and more inspired surrounded by wild nature the way He created it rather than manmade.

Coming Soon!

Whispering CypressWhispering Cypress is a book I wrote set in a campground setting. I am revising it and will be creating a series of three. The first one will be available soon. Let nature inspire you as you enjoy the wild, God-given freedom of it through this series of books. The description is so vivid you’ll see the moss swaying in the gentle breeze, hear the music of birds,

smell nature’s perfumes, and enjoy a Christian romance in a beautiful, peaceful setting. This series is romantic suspense. Watch for it. Until then, feel free to browse my available books at Amazon. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, they’re all free for you. Enjoy while you also enjoy God’s peaceful, natural beauty in a world being made over by man. Go back to simpler times and smell the beauty and relax in the peace. Hope I’ll see you there. If you enjoy Civil War romance, Romance Under the Oaks provides vivid description such as I’ve talked about and is now available. Whispering Cypress is in the process of being revised to make it even better.

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B. J. Robinson

B. J. Robinson loves reading and penning Civil War era historical romance as well as various other genres to provide choice for her readers. You’ll find romantic suspense, sweet contemporary romance, mystery, short stories, novellas, and full-length novels from which to choose when you check out her Amazon page. She’s an Amazon best-selling author of over twenty books. Blessed with children, grandchildren, and pets, she pens her Christian, inspirational fiction from Florida where she lives with her husband. Visit her at: https://www.facebook.com/BJRobinsonHistoricalRomance

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