A Review Revisited: Change of Heart

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by Paula Rose

This review originally appeared on Books-N-Reviews by Paula Rose on Publishers Marketplace.

Publisher: Zebra | Published: June 30, 2015 | Formats: eBook and Mass Market Paperback (288 pages) | ASIN: B00ONTR6NS and ISBN: 9781420137613 | Series: Keepsake Pocket Quilt | Origin: NetGalley 

 Change of Heart

Cover: Courtesy of Zebra


The chapters go by quick in CHANGE OF HEART by Molly Jebber as the author introduces us to a midwife and a publicly jilted Amish bride, Becca Yost!

To get away from the painful humiliation and constant reminders, Becca leaves her claustrophobic, close-knit community for awhile to reunite with her former Amish now Englischer widowed sister, Ruth Smith in Massillon, Ohio.

The seeking out of new memories and new experiences have her meet with an accident and the town doctor before she ever meets up with her sibling.

However, this fateful happenstance will lead to Becca’s next chapter.

For her, being with Ruth is an introduction to how others live and while she’s not part of this world, it becomes part of her heart. Becca’s time to stay is only weeks, but she does not lie to waste her skills. Becoming a temporary employee as a nurse for Dr. Matt Carrington, she uncovers joy, sorrow, and love!

But can Amish and Englischer family matters shred what blossoms outside of her Amish community?

***This opinion is my own.*** 


Molly Jebber’s CHANGE OF HEART has Becca Yost reeling from rejection but tempered by relief of not marrying the man she didn’t know.

By an Amish tradition, Becca’s future spouse was chosen by her Daed, and as it turns out, this man has another love in his heart, and he is unable to commit to the marriage arrangement on the wedding day.

The only immediate blessing of this wedding disaster was Becca’s ability to visit her sister, Ruth.

This sibling had left the Amish community to marry, and upon leaving, one is to be shunned by all. Her sister didn’t return to the Amish faith when her husband died, and the shunning continues. However, since Becca and Ruth had been so close, the parents agreed, early on, these two could write to each other only but were to have no other contact, until now.

Becca’s heart is stirred by her sister’s cozy house and her mending shop providing for her well, but these feelings give way to more dangerous ones.

Becca is forever Amish. She could never hurt her parents by going the same way as Ruth. However, her heart doesn’t seem to be adhering to her declarations, and she’s falling in love with this new life, this new town, and this town’s newest doctor.

Will her parents shun her too? Can Dr. Matt Carrington’s high society family ever accept a Plain woman in their world?

About the Author:

Paula RoseAuthor Paula Rose brings an “average” family into extraordinary situations, brushes with life-size strokes of reality, adding just a touch of humor, and coats with suspense inside Christian fiction. Paula’s research gives readers a panoramic view from law enforcement and lends to character authenticity. She enjoys writing in the romantic suspense, suspense, and mystery genres, but when she’s not writing, Paula Rose is reading or playing amateur photographer. Member of ACFW. 2015 Genesis Contest judge. NetGalley member. 2014 Grace Awards judge.

Website: http://paularosebooks.com/ Blog: http://www.publishersmarketplace.com/members/booksnreviews/

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