For G&F Authors

Grace & Faith was started for Christian authors to have a place to CONNECT!

The world is so challenging.  God knew that. It’s why He said, “Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there am I in their midst.”

So we are gathering authors and standing in God’s midst, helping one another, and letting God’s light shine through us to light the path for others!

If you’re a Christian author and you want to join us, please send an email to staci_stallings @ hotmail .com (altogether) with the subject GNF New Member, and we’ll tell you what to do from there!

God bless you on your journey!

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  1. Janice Kieschnick

     /  March 26, 2013

    I am a first time author and have recently written a Christian book based on the true story of my family’s faith while my daughter struggled with a year long battle of anorexia. I have submitted query letters and inquiries to several Christian Publishing Companys and to several Christian Literary Agents with no success of publishing my book. I was introduced to a GNF member, Laura J. Marshall, on facebook, and she suggested I view this website for information. Thank You for any suggestions to help in getting my book published. Sincerely, Janice Kieschnick

  2. Hello, Janice,
    I’d like to invite you to look at to see if a small Christian press might be the right place to publish your book. I founded Divinity Press in August 2012 for the purpose of providing Christian authors a venue for their writings.
    In His Love,
    Dr. Norene Moskalski

  3. Hello Janice, I may be able to help you to get your book in print. Check the above website — specifically under the tab Services.
    Good luck and blessings.
    Eva Peck

  4. Hi, I’m a traditionally published Christian author. I’ve emailed a couple times requesting to become a member. Perhaps, my email isn’t going through.


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