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 February 3, 2023


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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Say It With Roses

by Debra Ullrick

Say It With Roses

A Clean, Contemporary Christian Romance

He’s already lost one loved to murder…

Rebecca Dahl has only one deep, abiding calling–to minister to the homeless in Central Park. That is until she meets Neil Boyd. The more time she spends with Neil, the handsome pastor who is only planning to plant a church in Manhattan and then move on, the more Rebecca finds herself getting attached, too attached in fact. With no desire to be abandoned yet again, can Rebecca manage to enjoy the newfound friendship while guarding her heart from falling where she really wants to be?
Ever since Neil Boyd’s friend was murdered in Central Park, Neil finds himself struggling with his faith. When he spots a beautiful woman putting herself in danger by ministering to the Manhattan homeless, Neil invites her to go jogging with him as an excuse to be around her so he can not only protect her but also convince her to stop what she’s doing. However, the more time he spends with her, the more he sees her beauty is not only outside but on the inside as well. Rocked with guilt and fear, can Neil ever find enough trust in God to work things out with Rebecca, or will he leave Manhattan and his chance at love behind forever?



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CrossReads Short Takes

Specific Kinds Of Prayer

How To Pray What You Need To Pray To See Answers To Your Prayers

by Dr. Sheldon D. Newton

Specific Kinds Of Prayer

“The truths taught in this book, when applied consistently in your life, will absolutely revolutionize your prayer life – your communion with your Father, the Creator of the universe!” Minister Deborah Moore

Do you desire to see answers to your prayers? In this timely and impactful guide to effectual prayer, best-selling author and pastor, Dr. Sheldon D. Newton gives clear and practical ways to pray according to God’s Word. You will learn keys to answered prayer and how to pray specifically for various needs or desires. Great details are given to one of the greatest obstacles to answered prayer – unforgiveness – and how to let things go. Most of all, you will learn how to walk closer to the Lord, enjoying His Presence and experiencing answers from Heaven. Praying the right kind of prayer in a given circumstance receives God’s response! Filled with examples of how to pray specifically for various needs and desires and with a question section after each lesson, giving you added encouragement to meditate upon each principle, this prayer guide is perfect for individual and group study. Get your copy today!





The Retreat

A lighthearted and humorous story about a soul searching pastor

by Kees Postma

The Retreat

You’ll laugh, you’ll be challenged, and most of all you’ll be encouraged to find rest in the Lord, and strength to keep going

Case Parker, a worn-out pastor, is shocked by all the good, bad and ugly he has found in ministry so far. Having reached a point of utter exhaustion he decides to go to Ireland for a three day retreat. Case, and the other Dutch shepherds that join him, end up in all kind of interesting, dangerous and hilarious situations.

This story will have you in stitches, will make you feel convicted and hopefully has you changed by the time the story ends.

In his first translated book, Postma offers heartfelt, laugh-out-loud observations on the absurd ways shepherds and sheep alike, try to make themselves look better than they actually are. The Dutch version of the book became a bestseller interweaving humour and spiritual reflection.


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                              CrossReads Weekly Devotional:

          Faith’s Checkbook: Obedience Brings Blessing

by C. H. Spurgeon

“Observe and hear all these words, which I command thee, that it may go well with thee, and with thy children after thee for ever, when thou doest that which is good and right in the sight of the LORD thy God”   (Deuteronomy 12;28).

Though salvation is not by the works of the law, yet the blessings which are promised to obedience are not denied to the faithful servants of God. The curses our LORD took away when He was made a curse for us, but no clause of blessing has been abrogated.

We are to note and listen to the revealed will of the LORD, giving our attention not to portions of it but to “all these words.” There must be no picking and choosing but an impartial respect to all that God has commanded. This is the road of blessedness for the Father and for His children. The LORD’s blessing is upon His chosen to the third and fourth generation

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The third book in THE GRACE SERIES, “A Love Like This” asks the reader to go on a journey with two souls who are learning to love in a way the world says no longer works. This Contemporary Christian Romance will leave you cheering, crying, laughing, and hoping for a young woman who has been crushed and a guy who never knew love could be so difficult. Come along for this inspirational journey. It is one you won’t soon forget!

A Love Like This



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